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Daily life Driving, tips and tricks, living life with the condition Carers, friends and family Carers chat and dealing with personal relationships Young Onset Parkinson's <em>This forum is for those diagnosed with young onset Parkinson’s (YOPD). Being younger with Parkinson’s can bring its own set of challenges, including issues relating to identity, employment, benefits, family and relationships. This forum is a space to discuss all of these issues and more.</em> Work, benefits and money
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About the Work, Benefit and Money Category [Work, benefits and money] (2)

This forum is for discussion of work-related issues, such as continuing to work after your diagnosis, coping with your job, or informing your employers about Parkinson’s. It’s also about the options available to you if y…

About the Daily Life Category [Daily life] (2)

This forum is for discussion on everyday life with Parkinson’s and a place to exchange tips and ideas with members in a similar situation. Topics could include equipment and adaptations, driving, holidays etc. Remember …