A little help?

I have returned to work after being suspended on health and safety grounds,the thing is I have took a pay cut because apparently I am no longer required to do the job I was doing.It appears as though my line line manager has told my boss they managed without me for so long I am no longer required,the problem is they have told me that they want me to take on a different role within the firm,this would involve taking out deliveries then returning and doing basically the same job I was doing before,are they allowed to do this?
hi slippy

i am not sure they are allowed to do that but they have to be seen to make resonable adjustment to your work place, are you still able to do the job you used to do because if you are you should get advice from the occupatienal health department who should be able to do a risk assesment to see if you are still able to do the same job without any difficultie and if any adjustment can be made to help you do the same job and if not then your employer should be seen to help as much as possible by making reasonable adjustment by giving you another job in the company that you can do, are you in a union if not get in touch with acas they will be able to tell you what your rights are but if you have a union rep then talk to them good luck hope this has been some help. sue.