Hi All, Did anybody see the Horizon program on Placesbo effect. It makes interesting viewing when someboby not only takes a placesbo, but is also told what it is. And still appeares to work. I wonder for how long and what percentage of the trial, this relates to.

Hi A. Parks.....No i didn't see that programme but i do have first hand knowledge of the placebo effect. It was years ago and both my Mum and dad took Mogadon sleeping pills on prescription. Dads doc refused to give him any more and so he took Mums! she worked in a nursing home and sometimes they gave the patients placebos to "Help" them have a good nights sleep. She gave one to dad and told him it was strong , he awoke the next morning and stated that he had enjoyed the best sleep that he had for a very long time!! so i do believe the brain is a very powerful tool and the power of suggestion definitely can work.