A very interesting article

Fascinating?  Familiar?  Or both?


It's certainly food for thought.


I tried reading that.

But failed i have something wrong with my brain, it must be what parkinsons is doing too me,i find it really hard work almost painfull for my eyes too digest large blocks of text, just as writing the opening words of this post is, in my mind i just wrote 'tried' but lookin at it again i typed 'tired' i corrected myself. but i was sure i typed 'tried'.

From what little i  was able toread the author was on about dementia and parkinsons, i'm not sure if they were a sufferer or just someone looking in, i noted dementia sufferer's dont seem aware of their own dementia.

I seem aware that my thinking isn't what it was, i want my brain too connect too me and do one thing, but i'm aware it does another.

so for what ever their saying it seems 'familiar' one day i fear i may be 'unfamiliar' to myself.

Thanks for putting this article on, Lily.  Certainly very interesting and a bit scary, but  thought provoking and I liked the cartoons.

Many thanks for your comments, Kate. 

I agree that it's scary – as well as patronising – to be lumped into a group of PD sufferers and steered into giving the ‘right’ answer for the researchers.  A bit like some of the messages on this page, maybe, but we are perfectly capable of recognising irony when we see it.  The author of the article could see that he was being manipulated into fitting the researcher’s simplistic model for a PWP’s state of mind in a way that wouldn’t happen if it was his physical condition that was being tested.