Abdominal spasms

Hi all,

Speaking on behalf of mum, 71, diagnosed 2012. She’s suffering with severe abdominal spasms for, I guess, at least eight months.

Severe arthritis of the lower back and knees has complicated things. Every time she puts weight on her joints, she strains crying in pain.

Everyday around dinnertime the spasms hit In waves. It can last a couple of hours before she goes very quiet. Mum’s not been able to describe it, but I’ve told anyone who will listen what I see.

Some of the time her face turns purple as she holds her breath and really pushes hard straining. We’ve got nowhere with doctors who are not keen on home visits and treat us like a nuisance.

They mention IBS and the Parkinson’s can affect the bowel. The Parkinson’s consultant didn’t think it was PD. I don’t know where to go from here but it’s sickening watching her deteriorate. Looking it up online but not sure what to think.

Difficult as I’m wiped out with chronic pain and fatigue.