Accepted registration

Hello all. Having had my registration accepted I can now post on this forum, and hopefully start to learn from others about this ailment.

Just a thing about the mechanics of the forum: why has my password been changed, and particularly why has it been changed to something that seems generic? Also, is there a way for me to change it to something of my own choosing?

Welcome SS, nice to have you on board. Re the password bit, that is exactly what happened to my password, I don't know if you can change it, to be honest I never tried.

Radz x

Thanks for response. I suppose it does not matter, but in these (hacking) days it would seem to open the door to possible abuse.

Realised I should have said something of myself by way of introduction. Aged 60, at present self-diagnosed as after taking beta blockers for a fortnight would seem to eliminate essential tremor. Plus this pronounced tremor goes when my arm/hand/fingers are active. What else could it be? Awaiting second appointment with neurologist at the end of next month.

yeah had same problem with my password

Alas SS I am not in a position to advise you what to do, I don't have PD it's my brother who has and I came on here to find out more about it and I have. People on here will be able to point you in the right direction for sure....

Radz x

When I log in to "My Account" to change my password from a generic one to a personal one, I can only log in one time after logging off. Then my newly set password is forgotten and I have to reset it :disappointed:

Does the password have to have special characteristics (minimum number of characters, numbers etc)?

SS, is the tremor asymmetrical?

Do you have rigidity, akinesia (loss or impairment of power of voluntary movement) or have had falls?



when I joined it just asked me for a password which I gave, then when accepted I was told my password was ************ not what I had given...there was no mention of why.


Hi Rico - yes tremor is asymmetrical. I don't have any other symptoms - although GP wrote to neurologist that I lacked facial expression - others that know me better think it not so.

I'm not happy taking beta blockers for longer than is needed as I don't have high blood pressure and find very few examples of bb being used to treat PD, although can understand them being used to eliminate other possible reasons for tremor.

Same here Radz, asked me for password upon joining and I supplied it (my usual stock standard password :grin: )

Then I had to reset it and it gave me something like hkdrgrrrr
which I changed via "My Account) - LHS menu, but to no avail.

hello everyone! I was diagnosed almost a year ago, I'm 51 and feel as though I don't have a clue... I'tried to read up on everything about pd, am I right that each day is different both emotionally and physically? glad I found this I've been following this forum for a wee while now and glad to join.

SS, "facial masking" is very subjective so don't worry about that.

Don't know if neuro will say PD with only tremor and lacking other cardinal signs but you are going to the right source, even if it is just a monitor and see exercise.

Does the tremor get better with a bit of booze? Essential tremor (a more symmetrical tremor) does get better.

Try the index finger to thumb test (touch these two repetitively). Any difference between LHS and RHS?

Not medical advice but just a few dot points that you can relay to your neuro.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Another bizarre thing that has happened;

"There are currently 8 users logged in and 89 guests.
Users logged in: Eck, jeanr, nene, rhino, rico, smithard, terri, tom."

This is the first time (in 3 days at least) that my name has shown up as a logged-in user.

And yes, I was logged in the other times. :neutral_face:

I've found that by using the 'Forgotten Password' facility, logging on with the new one sent, then instead of entering new password just enter new one twice. All well now. If only controlling tremor was as easy!

Rico - thanks for your responses.

Wondering if tremor could have some other cause. (Secret pet one is that life is fundamentally frightening and despite our learning mechanisms to disguise that fact it bursts through when the props that we use have gone - eg retirement)

Alcohol makes no difference.

Not sure what I am looking for in index finger to thumb touching - seems 'normal'.

Have a feeling that the neuro wants to see for himself (rather than second hand from me or GP) before progressing even to diagnosis. It is, after all not immediately life-threatening, I think I am right in saying.

Shaking Stephen, tremor could certainly have other cause.

How long do you have to wait to see a specialist?

Looking for slower movement in index finger to thumb touching.

"Have a feeling that the neuro wants to see for himself (rather than second hand from me or GP) before progressing even to diagnosis."

The best way for sure. Is neuro a movement disorder specialist?

Only reason why I knew mum had PD after seeing GP was GP said we should see neuro and suspected PD. When I got home I did some research and basically nearly every sign mum had matched the PD signs. And the fact that she has had early falls does not lead me to rule out PD+ (God, I pray for this not to be the case), even though both neuros say no (my translation: not at this stage anyhow).

Hi again.

Took a couple of months to see neuro. Then the tremor was less pronounced and on other side and made appointment to be seen again in 9 months, which is end Sept - unless symptoms changed, which they have. Not sure what his specialism might be.

I gather that PD is progressive, so maybe starts small (as in my case) or all at once (like your mum?), but anyway is individual in pattern.

Mostly I am wondering if anyone else has experience of treatment with beta-blockers, and what else vigorous tremor might be caused by if not PD and not (likely) essential tremor?