Advice for my mum who has Parkinsons and needs a hip operation


My mum was diagnosed with Parkinsons in 2003. I have just got her to join this forum too (her user name is Sunshine123 if you want to get in touch with her).

She is 72 and on top of Parkinsons has recently been diagnosed as having brittle done disease. She has a broken pelvis in two places and her ankle has swollen too. She is in a lot of pain and cannot walk or stand up fully.

She has been to see the doctor who has advised that she could have a hip operation but that this would not happen on the national health until September.

This is clearly not satisfactory as the current situation is so debilitating and my mum is unable to move freely without considerable pain. She has been advised that in order to do the operation privately, she would need to pay £11,000.

Does anyone know if this operation can be brought forward in any way due to the fact that she has Parkinsons on top of the broken pelvis or are there any benefits that can be claimed to bring the cost of doing this privately down to a reasonable amount?

Any help/ advice that you can give is much appreciated as right now, no-one seems to be prioritising this as urgent, which it clearly is.

Please advise. Thanks

How appalling!

I have no idea what the situation is if you are denied urgent treatment when in such need.

If this was happening to my Mum ,I would

-contact the helpline for advice

-ring my MP

- take her to A and E and insist on help.

I would not accept this stalling from a sounds as if he hadn't even referred her to the hospital!

Good luck!


Thank you Golden Girl- I will contact the helpline.  She has been to A&E.

Appreciate your response.