Alternative Therapies and Ideas

The PDS does not approve of such details being posted nor does it approve of the promotion of alternatives as I am regularly reminded by the Moderator. Promotion of prescription meds is of course ok.
I will provide details if you email me direct and you can then make up your own mind on it.
I was diagnosed in October 2008. Have had one appointment with Specialist in Dec but am not on any meds yet which will be reviewed in June.My main symptoms are a tremor in the left hand and sometimes in the left leg; curling of toes on the left foot; headaches mainly on the left side, stifness and aching shoulders and pain in joints at night time. No movement disorder yet. Since October I've been taking Ayurvedic supplements - Mentat and Mucuna. I also take Coenzyme10, Starflower Oil capsules and Folic Acid, specialist told me to stop taking Vit B12. I feel these supplements have greatly helped me and that the symptoms would have got worse without them.
PD medication eventually causing the symptoms for which they were prescribed..... that's one interpretation, but I believe it is the progression/severity of the disease that in the end brings the symptoms back and in time makes the treatment less and less effective as there is a limit to how much our bodies can tolerate
I do not think the PDS allows "promotion" of conventional medicine and not of alternatives. I have yet to read a posting by someone singing the praise of Levodopa as the be-all and end-all in the treatment of PD; generally alternatives seem to have a greater impact and higher patient/customer satisfaction, when they lessen symptoms. The PDS is not anti alternative treatments, but advises caution in use and expectation, as,so far, no proof of significant improvement has been found, except in the odd individual, certainly not on a large enough scale to warrant an endorsement yet.
Maybe not much has been discovered over the last 40 years, but I am sure we are a lot more comfortable, have a better quality of life for longer than the patients of 35 years ago, because the disease is better understood. It is disappointing that all this money thrown at research has so far only produced many small insights into the disease, but no breakthrough, which makes you think that conventional research ,continuing with the same routine,is far too slow a process. It needs a courageous and original mind and a generous sponsor to approach the research from a completely different angle, knowing that nothing might come from this and therefore more funding(!) less likely in the future, which threatens their livelihood. Maybe we will be lucky and somewhere in the world someone in research totally unrelated to PD stumbles upon the breakthrough that we all hope for. Remember what happened to Alexander Fleming...
If you don't believe the PDS block alternative methods of treatment ask chewexpert. And have you tried getting any natural remedies as a replacement for chemicals. Unless you have the money you are snookered and the NHS won't help you. Also the "experts" say the drugs do cause the reaction and if they feel that the alternatives are a waste of time let them prove it. Maybe they should look again at the oath they took when becoming a doctor. I think the phrase "I will prescribe regimens for the good of my patients according to my ability and my judgment and never do harm to anyone" is the one I mean

From the research section of the site:

Research is also establishing the benefits of non-drug therapies, including:

* complementary therapies
* diet, food and antioxidants
* surgery
* stem cell therapies
* gene therapy, cell therapy and Xenografts

That does not look like an organisation that is against new ways of dealing with PD.

True, Douglas BUT so far no money has been committed to a full evaluation of the uses of anti-oxidants, supplements and additives even though practical results are becoming more obvious. No-one has mentioned any substantial project in this field whereas millions are being spent elsewhere.
PwP want results now not in 10 years time.
Hello All,
I have just received an unsolicited email concerning a treatment for many diseases that leads you to believe it is based on oxygen therapy. Obviously, I am sceptical of such claims that are 'overblown'. On the other hand there is much information out there concerning taking oxygen, in any form for diseases, that I am curious if any PwP has tried this therapy and did it help or was it a waste of time?

Thank you.
Adrian :bulb:
follow me the Squaence can it be found easy here? I am very interested in to herbal or alternative medication .
Hi delight,

There is a web site [link removed] you might find helpful.

If you type in "foods containing dopamine" there are some interesting sites that come up. Have a read and let me know if there is anything of interest to you.

Take care,

thanks tulip
Tulip went on that side but could not fid the sec u mentioned. ppls tell me how to find it.
Is there a listing of quacks. And snake oil salesmen Any where on this site ??

Like this example

Can't seem to edit original post. Need to add this link help people decide for themselves
try the nhs helpline for a list lol
If "alternative" became the norm, hmmmm

If you went to docs and he gave you a prescription for a naturally derived product who would lose out?

Well it wouldn't increase the profit margins at big pharma plc and they may have to cutback on their conferences in the Caribbean.

Ever asked yourself why do I take Mirapexin and he takes Requip?

Ever tried to come off those drugs to find you have RLS?

The "natural" route is also fraught with danger. Plenty making a living out of people desperate for cures.

We need good advice on both approaches, surely PUK would allow that? Maybe the concern is how their partners would react.

Everyone has the best intentions,but you know where that can lead!
Not sure what you are meaning Leyther but are you wanting this sort of information ?
I have read the material at which suggests a basis for the disease and possible treatment. The organisation offers all its material at no cost which immediately lifts credibility .
I have also read a recent double blind trial of the value of Vit D3 and suggests that the results are positive for parkinson treatment. One immediately asks whether other complementary materials might offer value. I have read which is a balanced view of treatments being considered but not very encouraging.
any site which combines 'pd' and 'recovery' is a con. unfortunately. and i wish it were otherwise, there is no recovery and anyone who claims to have recovered is a liar. any site containing soaring eagles is either an ornithological site or of dubious medical value. i have no objection to alternative choices, but to claim recovery is available is simply not true, and furthermore is insulting to sufferers.
ps dont mean to be aggressive, but i get roused by sites that prey on offering false hope to vulnerable people.
"I have no objection to alternative choices, but to claim recovery is available is simply not true, and furthermore is insulting to sufferers."

Turnip... how do you know this is true? Why should it be? I believe as yet no one has recovered by allopathic means. I am willing to risk discouragement.. Please explain your very black and white statement quoted above.