An (almost) award-winning forum!

well done
............YOU PROVIDED THE VENUE..........

............ WE PROVIDED THE FIREWORKS..........
Who won? Have you any idea how they had the edge on this Forum?
Thanks.Sounds like an excellent idea.
Still think this Forum has done very well as it is relatively new.
well done!
Wonder if we would have won had there been no squabbling in the public arena.

well done all

Tina x
from a very sunny,but very cold windy Ireland
Tina,..................the punters obviously disagree with you.

The threads that you descibe as squabbling threads normally capture most of the hits from the guests as well as the members.

It lightens their day with a bit of action.

And as for your interpretation of a squabble.........nil points!!!

A bit of banter morelike. its not as though you havent lost your rag in the past. A squabble to you could be blazing row or just a private joke to others. We all have different levels of temprement and letting of steam in our own way should be acceptable.

I've been called many things and accused of many deeds but I dont moan about the way they were delivered. Emotions are part of our make up, so why shouldnt we be allowed to show them.

You are entitled to your opinion and how you put it across.

I would be very surprised if content had any effect on the competitions outcome.

Design and accessability of the website is more in line.

An ill thought out comment in my eyes!

Does this warrant a position of squabbling or maybe a rant even?

Or do we have to conform to your way of thinking ?

my dear pokermid

I merely thought out loud, just a thought bubble, no critism intended.

No I certainly do not expect people to be like me.
i would not like to see any of us cloned. 2 of each of us lord help the world.

sorry if I offended poker

kind regards
Tina x
Hi Tina.........I like thought bubbles....better than bath bubbles that pop anyway.

Sorry for bursting a blood vessel over diddly squat.

smileys have gone AWOL...........
Hi Tina,
Hello to you.
I think Pokermid has a lot of spirit and likes a lively debate. I think he's a big pussycat really!
Take care,

I think more like a rampant tiger,
let loose in a chocolate factory.

I think you could be right, Jaylew.