Forum Rule 1.1.3 clearly states that a user must NOT use their real name as their forum username, and that anonymity MUST be guaranteed. This is compulsory and non-negotiable.

Yesterday a new member joined us, and posted several long posts, some quite vitriolic. Unfortunately he didn't follow the rules, and made his real name his username as well.

Members will recall a recent situation in which some members had to be reprimanded for even identifying the name of a person who had been suspended.

Unfortunately the newcomer will have to be removed, along with anything he's posted to date.
I'm sorry Ray but I seem to remember you adding a link to your own case some time ago, this clearly identified you.

Should you be removed too?

You can't just rid yourself of people you don't like!
Thats a bummer, my name IS Eck.

I know I'll change it by deed poll over t'internet to Michael Caine.

There - done - doh!
I'm with Carol, besides that i think the original post is far to dictotorial or have i missed something and the thread starter is now a moderator :question:

Ho hum :grin:
Hi Ray,
What are you doing.You are slowly dismantling your lifeline and turning people against you.So what is a name,if someone accidentally or unintentionally goes against rule Blah Blah!,its not important.I for one don,t look at such controlling waffle.Anonymity is something that is every persons right to use as and when they seem fit.If someone wants to put themselves out there,whether intentional or not.It is not your place to act as overseer and moderators assistant.Free speech is what i believe in,you yourself seem more interested in control.However in this latest pursuit i feel you are yourself losing control.
Why i am i getting involved you may ask.Well you mentioned my name in the other thread concerning this topic.You seem to be lashing out at everyone and everything.Was this name dropping an attempt to draw me into the fray,or an attempt to stir up more trouble.I gave you a hug and what do you do.Behave like the S C,you labelled me.IT makes me despair of you Ray.
All the best
Does this go in cycles? A period of relative calm where helpful advice is available , then squabbling? I have really really tried but I have enough with the ups & downs of life , the ups & downs of PD, without this forum adding more bumps. I feel guilty, because there are people and issues that I care about, but I think I will listen to the radio for information & entertainment instead of visitsing this forum. My o/h says it's no bad thing
What a nerve.To try and get someone removed from the Forum because they stood up to you and you failed to intimidate them.
If people fail to visit the Forum because they do not like the squabbling it means that the forum is taken over by a minority. Nobody stands up to any bullies that emerge.
Of course we have to have a moderator,but the problem with removing posts is that the rest of us fail to see how really objectionable and bullying they are being.
yes of course ECD. I do take your point. I wish that I knew the answer to what appears to be bullying. I don't. I wish I saw you on some of the other threads where some members seem to be genuinely distressed by this issue. I TRUELY mean no disrespect, you have my full respect., but it is easy to debate issues, especially when you have a great deal of knowledge and are prepared to risk approbation. It is harder to find the strength to be of use to those who feel bullied. At least that is what I am finding at the moment.
I also think that I have lost sight of what this forum is all about. It has been a life-line for me, and I feel almost ashamed to admit that, but now I am getting a bit frightened by it.(& ashamed to admit that also) I know - don't read the thread, play scrabble. I'm afraid that I am not that disciplined.
I do hope that you can take this post in the spirit in which it intended,- more of a question than a statement?
My opinion and what matters to me as a person with PD

Anonymity,well forget it every post you make here is open to anyone in cyberspace to view just come and visit no login required,simple door open come in and browse.Type a user name in and bobs your uncle or purps your slurp.Look at the login stats user logons to viewers at any given time always watchers that outnumber users.Identity abuse ,multiple identitys a fact of life here and on other forums,dont be deluded its not difficult to do,but it is very simple to prevent.So why is there no mechanism of prevention, its simple sdministrative procedure.One identity is enough for most and we must question the motivations as well as the health and well being of those who pratice this deception.So the door is wide open any predator or fraudster can come visit,so strange isnt it an age when data protection and ethics obstruct so much,that vulnerable people can be exposed and unprotected.
So the eyes of the world can view this forum and its PD representation,unfortunatley quality postings are often lost in the shamefull squables and power struggles,moderators do there best but system constraints and organisational ones prevent that from being good enough.
Of course I understand,annebernadette .
I must admit when I first joined the forum I used my real name not knowing any better. I became uncomfortable about it (no one said anything to me although it was pretty obviously likely to be a real name.) I contacted the moderator and was helped to change things. This was done done very civilly; I'd have been mortified to be kicked off the forum for an innocent mistake which only broke my own privacy after all.
Seems a bit heavy handed to me

(Whoops nearly signed it then!!!!!!!!!)
Steady Sally, steady.

You'll have unsavoury type signing cheque books

So, anyway, anybody know as to what ray is gibbering about. What did they say that was so bad. Has anyone seen the offending articles. Are the postings still available. Will titan give ray an'other hug.

AB you just don't get soaps like this on t'wireless.
Oh Eck, my 2nd laugh of the day! Thank you. The first was hearing on the news that America can't pay off its debts. Don't they have a bit of gold in somewhere called Fort Knox? An economist I am not
Come here and i will give you a hug as well,Annebernadette to,because she deserves it.Watch out though people may think i,m hyper.
Take care
I can’t believe that a posting has been started in an attempt to get someone kicked off the forum for stating their actual name! At least you know who you are talking to! The man in question had, in my opinion, had every right to defend himself in such a personal attack – and this meant he had to identify himself to the readers.
What has become of this forum? It used to be a place where you could come to post happy/sad/annoying/confusing events in your life and you could get sound answers and ideas for the way forward. Not any more – the forum is bathed in negativity. I have only posted 3 times this year – one was dragged down, the other subject was made into a joke which wasn’t funny and the other was left alone – and two of these postings were about pmt! It left me thinking why bother? So I post elsewhere. Not really the right attitude but the same is happening to other postings. The forum seems to have become a huge megaphone about DA’s and the relative addictions. They are understandably a serious problem however there are many more life/emotional/physical issues associated with PD that need to be talked about – some major and some minor - this forum has somehow lost it’s way and maybe the forum moderators and readers need to take stock about the way forward, to bring about a forum where people feel they want to contribute. I appreciate that others might view it differently.
The Breeze
I don,t think anyone person has the right to evict someone of the forum sight, we all need this sight to help one another that,s what i believed it was for, if we have an opinion of someone then it should be kept to themselves and let the rest of us get on doing what we are best at giving good support and advice to get us through this illness. Take out of life what you put in and keep smiling and popping them pills,

He didn't have to reveal his real name in order to defend himself, he'd been registered that way for a few years. However this was his first post for about 3 years I believe.

Given that the Mods handle new applications you wouldn't have thought it would be too difficult for them to look at the registration request and check that the REAL NAME and the requested USERID aren't the same (given that they are the ones who are insisting upon us complying with these rules.

Any old names which no longer conform with new rules can be changed in seconds.
The reason for the fuss was that there was a mega fuss last week when someone's identity was named, but this guy sails in no quesions asked. Double standards.