Antipsychotics-induced sexual dysfunction

Hi everyone,

this is kind of off-topic but maybe someone here can help me. I suffer from antipsychotics-induced sexual dysfunction, and I suffer a lot. It's like my libido and orgasms are like 10-fold times worse than they used to be and it's not getting better. Since I found out that drugs like Ropinirole, Mirapex or Eldepryl are effective in treatment of antipsychotics-induced sd, I asked my sexologist and she said that it could help me but that she can't prescribe such drugs as she is from different area. Is there anyone who could provide me with any of these somehow?, since I have no idea how to get them.

Sounds as if you have some very dangerous mis-information!

Have you got Parkinsons Disease?

if not it would be dangerous to take drugs for this disease just to experience possible side effects which don't affect everyone but can lead to very destructive obsessions opinion others ,not to mention the effects on your body of misuse of a powerful drug.

I have no idea where you got the idea that these drugs are used to treat sexual dysfunction but you need to find a real treatment through the proper channels.





If you haven't got Parkinsons I don't know how you got on the forum, let alone being able to ask that sort of question, but apologies if you have PD and have this problem. Perhaps you should refer this to your neurologist or parkinsons nurse!