Anxiety and panic attacks

Hello to everyone

Am having really bad anxiety and panic attacks. Feel as though my world is shrinking and am becoming housebound. Am about to see PD nurse and GP. Can anyone share what has helped them.

thanks v much


Hi Samdog,

Sorry to hear you're having bad anxiety and panic attacks, those can be really scary. It's great you're seeing your Parkinson's nurse and GP.

I know other people will comment with things that help them, but in the meantime I just wanted to point you towards the free resource about anxiety on our website. You can also always contact our confidential helpline on 0808 800 0303 if you want someone to talk to. 

Best wishes,
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Thank you Alethea, have seen the PUK info on anxiety.  It is very helpful in guiding people towards help but just wondered if anyone had their own experience to share.




I don't know what the answer is Sam dog

When i first went too the doctor, the first thing they asked was "how's your mood"??, Apparently a vast majority of people have some form of anxiety or depression, it's the most common thing the GP's deal with, so it was that avenue before blood tests started, and the conclusion and diagnosis of PD was eventually reached.

Obviously my mood wasn't good because i didn't know what i was faceing i had just come too a cross roads in life, a breaking point.

But i don't think your alone I have been too one of these "well being courses", there was 10 one hour sessions, where you sat there with others and someone equally as nervous told you about alcoholism, fright n flight, and face your fears,only in the very last session was ''illness" mentioned.

Myself I do feel this ''illness'' has made me feel housebound and restricted my life, it is a loverly evening outside and i really want too be out there by a lake fishing, but physically i'm not up too, and mentally although i want too go it is a case when i get there i am looking for excuses not too be there because this parkinsons controls me and my life a bit more as time goes by, i'm also not the people person i once was i would rather have solitude than be with friends,explaining or justifying why i'm out of the house or how im feeling and avoid strangers totally.


I struggle with anxiety too. I am using a range of tips and strategies suggested to me on this forum and some days are ok, but on other days I'm just managing to stay a step ahead of letting the anxiety take control. I'm lucky enough to still be at work but on too many weekends and evenings my plans to tidy, clean, sort out paperwork.... tend to evaporate and I can waste hours doing nothing except worrying. I do find  the sense of being trapped by this crappy thing, waking up everyday (when I manage to sleep!) and remembering that it's there and it's never going, difficult to manage. For now, my main strategy is to plod on and try to go out or do something productive instead of aimless worrying. And things aren't too bad at the moment so I think I should feel more positive, but  instead I'm wasting too much time time worrying, or just doing nothing at all (stupid, stupid behaviour).

Good luck in getting support,

Thank you sea angler and Jackson for your responses. The anxiety has been like a monster living inside me gradually taking over. I ve been blaming myself, as we all do it seems, for not getting on top of it but that is extremely difficult if it is related to a lack of dopamine and other brain chemicals.

My anxiety and panic cause me to slow down and freeze which then causes more anxiety and panic. I ve been advised to take dispersible Madopar when this happens in order to get me going again. I ve taken it twice now and being able to move again has certainly kept the anxiety at bay. I hope this is going to help me and would just say to fellow sufferers that your anxiety could be helped by making changes to your meds regime

Will keep you informed how I get on.

with all best wishes



I have found 1:1 CBT sessions really helpful.  I paid for a few private sessions for earlier access and because I wanted 1:1 rather than group or telephone sessions. I believe this can also be available from a GP referral although I think it is not so easy to get 1:1 initially.

Hope you find something which helps



Hi Chrissie2

I ve a feeling that it was on your recommendation a couple of years ago that I tried CBT. I still find it helpful when I m moderately anxious but it is difficult when it s a full blown panic. The brain takes a lot of de cluttering in those moments!

thank you for getting back. I am determined not to let it take over my life. I m sure I d feel better if my family were nearer.



with all  bw




All your symptoms are a beginning depression and it is better to start treating it as soon as possible so that there are no serious consequences with the psyche. Somehow, very long after parting with a girl, it was very difficult for me and I fell into a deep depression, and only specialists from could help me. My friend found them, and if not for him, I would probably say goodbye to life, but now my life has changed and I am truly happy.

Hi Samdog,

Sorry to hear about your condition. One of friend also had the same problem previously. He started doing meditation using SOS Method ( app. This app has brought positive changes in his life. After couple of months there were no bad anxiety and panic attacks, it reduced more than 50%. I personally suggest you to give it a chance and experience.