Any treatments for drooling, weakness, ptosis?



My mother is turning 77 today. Approximately 10 years ago, she was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. At the onset, she had tremors, which is typical for PD patients. She received the usual Levidopa/Carbidopa treatments. During this time, she also received acupuncture treatment which she no longer receives. I'm not sure if it was the acupuncture or the PD medicine, or a combination of both, but now she no longer has any tremors what-so-ever to my amazement. However, she has a new problem: ptosis. She can't open her eyes -- and this condition is worse especially in the morning and evenings! In addition, she gets tired very easily and needs to lie down. She also recently has started to drool a lot -- it seems as if she is losing control of the muscles on her face. This doesn't seem to be a symptom of PD itself, so I was wondering if there was any other condition I should look into? Thank you in advance for your help!





Hi kqiao11364
Sorry to hear the problems your mum has been having. Drooling can be a symptom of Parkinson's. You can find more about this here in our information sheet Eating, swallowing and saliva control
I took a look at our information sheet called Eyes and Parkinson's but I didn't really find anything like you described. 
It would be worth calling our helpline on 0808 800 0303 and talking to one of our nurses about the eye problems. They may also discuss with you ways to get your mother's current medication reviewed. 
I hope that helps. 

Hi kqiao 11364............I have had  Ptosis for 20 years since having an overactive Thyroid. It was caused by this and apparently some people get the Goiter in the neck but i ended up with the EYE!!!! i received radioactive iodine in 1998 which was absorbed by the Thyroid gland and it then over the months became underactive for which i now take a daily dose of Thyroxin. The Ptosis has affected my better of the 2 eyes and it gets very dry and I am now using HYLOTEARS every few hours which was prescribed to me by my Consultant who specialises in Thyroid eye disease. It helps a lot with the discomfort. As i have very poor vision in my other eye it has now got to the point where to try and read i have to lift the lid which of course makes it water. Driving is now out of the question and on a bright day the lid covers the whole eye so trying to see clearly is impossible. I have been for an appointment with the specialist this week with view to having another FIELDS test then he is going to try and get the funding for me to have the muscle in the lid tightened. He says it is an exceptional case as it is not cosmetic but purely to be able to SEE!!!! I do feel for your dear Mother as it affects your life so much, i have found tricks with make up to try and help with the appearance but basically i would just like to see more than my eyelid!! Mine was definitely not connected with  the Parkinsons, though i have been told that PD can affect muscles and in turn could affect my lids. I would ask to be referred to an eye specialist at your hospital and one that specialises in Ptosis. Please let me know how your Mum gets on and wish her well from me.

warmest wishes 









Google ...blepharospasm and Parkinsons... and you will find a lot of references to Parkinsons and problems opening the eyes.  In fact  I read of one woman where the conclusion in hindsight was that her first symptom was this problem long before any other signs of PD emerged