Any Wives with A husband Diagnosed Like A Chat

Hi Cassland! I’m new on here too. My husband has recently been diagnosed and had numerous hospital appointments, scans, etc in the last three months. I came on here when we were both feeling quite low, and straight away, people were friendly and offering advice - some of which is already in use and working well, so far!!
There seems to be a lot of us around, sadly, but hopefully we can all support each other in our quests for trying to live as full a life as possible!!

Hi Kipper

Sorry you’ve had to join us, if you see what I mean.

It’s a quite daunting journey. I find it helps not to look too far ahead. I go to a PD meeting and some of the men there have had it for over 1O years so that makes me feel more hopeful. There is no way of predicting how it will progress.

My husband has had no improvement with his tremor at all with medication but has stopped shuffling, his balance is better and he can play the flute again (a dubious plus!) He is on Sinemet. Do you have a PD nurse you can talk to? Not everybody reacts well to the same drugs I believe.

You must be very busy with your large family. Have you spoken to your children about things? I know they are all young but my grandchildren who are mostly younger understand why their grandad shakes all the time. They are very matter of fact about it.

Wishing you all well. X

I have found it quite lonely at times, not sure it is easy for anyone to understand unless they have been there.

We told them right at the start as we were so shocked we wanted them to know why we were tetchy…and not hear it from someone else. I think it has worried them, the implications could be quite significant…we have a lovely house in the woods…they all love it…but it is part of my husbands job…we are not sure how long he can carry on working, every day feels like a struggle for him. Now we are just trying to enjoy what we have whilst we can! :slight_smile: