Any women diagnosed in their 50s out there doing okay ten years on

Wow, you are amazing. I’m not sure that I was that energetic before Parkinson’s, I have been a solicitor for over thirty years,working part time since I had my children. I feel that soon I will need to concentrate more on other things but it will be a loss-big part of my identity. Thanks so much for replying

Thank you so much Lindsay. Your story gives me hope that I can enjoy a full retirement. Really appreciate everyone taking the time to reply

Thank you Sharon. Great to hear about your experience and that of your friend. So many inspiring PD women x

Thank you. More excellent advice. I am a stressy person so I need to work hard on that. You have a brilliant outlook

Please thank your Mum so much for taking the trouble to reply. I am awed my the spirit shown in these stories. I hope your Mum has people around her who she can share her still lively mind with and I wish her all the best for the future x

Thank you. Finding fatigue difficult too. I have to pace myself! Sounds like you’re coping very well. Managed to paint my nails last week for the first time since diagnosis. I can write again too and clap-Madopar is a wonderful thing!

Thank you all for your fantastic replies. A week ago I was also diagnosed with a very early breast cancer and am due to have surgery. I was feeling very down this evening and then came onto the forum and saw all your fantastic replies. They have cheered me up considerably. Thank you all xx

Sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis.Wishing you all the best with your treatment


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I’m exactly the same when I drink it’s so Annoying!! I’ve got diagnosed with Parkinson’s December. I’m only 44 was a bit of a shock but yeah I love a drink but noticed that my symptoms really bad I can’t move sometimes if I have a drink really really horrible so if I do have one on a special occasion if I had friends round, I’ll make sure that I’ve done everything I need to do first and enjoy my night although my symptoms are worse I still enjoy myself just don’t have a drink if you have to move very much, but it has slowed my drinking down which is a a plus best wishes xxx

Same for me. Reducing my wine drinking as so fed up of becoming so stiff I am ridiculously uncomfortable.

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Hi Jac63 I was 53 when I was diagnosed I am now 70 and I am still going strong albeit very occasionally I have a blip. I am a firm believer that being positive and having a outgoing personality keeps me going, as do having great friends and a wonderful son. I have to say I have become more outgoing since being diagnosed. I go out with my friends for lunch or walk. I used to live near Kew Gardens and I have 2 very good friends and few lovely cousins six years ago we moved to Devon Torquay where I made another 2 friends and have got lovely neighbours. I feel that I am blessed. I hope you have many more years of doing what you want. Sharon xx

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Hello Jac63
I just wanted to stop by and say hello and hope that your treatment for Ca has been successful. I am sure all who have replied to your original post with such lovely positive stories of their own, would join me in saying we hope you are doing ok.

Hi Tot

Thanks for your lovely message. I haven’t been on the forum for a while as treatment for the breast cancer took it out of me. I’ve now been discharged though with a very good prognosis. :grinning: Hope you’re still doing well?

Thanks Sharon All these personal experiences are so heartening. I need to work on the outgoing bit as I’m not naturally very sociable but it’s obviously worked well for you!

My mum was diagnosed in 2003 at age 62. She had 12 good years when you never would have known that she had Parkinsons. She kept physically fit and played golf. After that time, things progressed and did become increasingly difficult. She now has 24 hour carers and is 20 years into Parkinsons. I have lived through those years. My mum and the whole family have dealt with extremely difficult situations. I would say it’s important to focus on the here and now. 20 years ago, she was told an intervention was on the way to help with Parkinsons. It didn’t come. However, I feel with the advances of science, it can’t be far away. So hold onto hope.

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