Apomorphine Challenge

My Neurologist has referred me for an apomorphine challenge with my PD nurse,has anyone else had this done? if so what did it involve? was it successful?

Any guidance would be usefull.

Denise :question:
The neurologist could have explained what is involved and why he is doing this.
I hope you take someone along when you see him/her, two pick up more information than one, a visit to the neurologist can be so overwhelming.
I think the Apomorphine (which is one of the drugs used to treat PD) challenge will be done to get a more accurate diagnosis. Apomorphine is usually given per subcutaneous injection and it is effective within 5 mins if it works. A serious side effect is nausea for which Domperidone is given.
It is possible that the neurologist is concerned about the rapid progression of the disease during the last three months.
my husband had an apomorphine challenge a few months ago, it failed he suffered a bad reaction to it, and is now today undergoing deep brain stimulation
Hi Denise 1964, Ive been on the apomorphine pen for a week now and I undertook the challenge.

Its pretty simple really, they take your blood pressure standing and sitting and they go through the usual finger clicking, hands stretched in front routine and they ask you to walk a short distance and return, they time you doing this. They then inject a small amount of apomorphine into you wait a couple of and do it all over again. They keep doing this until they can see that your walking quicker ect. That's when they set the dosage, obviously it will need tweeking now and then but they will keep a close eye on you for a while until they are happy that everything's ok.

Ive found it really good, it works very quickly but is supposed to last about an hour, up to now I seem to get more than an hour out of mine. Injecting myself is a bit of a problem for me, I bruise easily and after a week my tummy is completely bruised and I'm now starting on a thigh. It does work though, so guess I'll have to remain bruised and sore. Hope this helps, you can e maol me if you want to know anything more.