Apomorphine: does it work?

I have been referred for apomorphine therapy and I can read all the leaflets and websites, watch dvd from the parkie nurse and carefully consider all the answers to my questions but what I really need is someone who has had it done to tell me how it works for them. I know we are all different but does it work?
Hi Bambina
I have been on the Apo-go pen for about a month now. I inject myself as and when I feel I need it with 5ml each time. The effect isn't quite so instant or dramatic as I thought it would be but is does seem to keep me going in the lag time as one dose of sinemet is wearing off and the next dose kicks in.
I find on good days I might only use it a couple of times but on a bad day it can be as much as five times. The main down side with it is finding fresh sites to inject!
The apo pump has been discussed and I have seen one. The are quite small but I thought I would go with the jabs first as the pump looks as though it could be more restrictive.
I was on apomorphine 12 hour pump infusion over christmas I inserted a needle in to my tum and attached it to a pump which lasted 12 hours side effects painful lumps at site of needle, I had some good effects at first but then became ill constipation gut spasms etc then had to stop but i was told I was unfortunate as this can work for some people . I say give it a try it can not hurt too much and you never know you may benefit greatly from this hope all goes well.:smile:
Thank you both for your responses. It's always better information from someone with first hand experience!
I'm not keen to have this treatment but if it works it could make a big difference and if it doesn't then back to the drawing board!
hi bambina. Yes,it works great.I used the syringe for year or so. alas it caused aneamia so that was that. the pump is good also esp if you use the modern tiny drawing pin look alike needles. give it a go. christopher
yes it does work well ,but as above got a bit lumpy belly and bad nausea to put up with,but give it a go its well worth it.lee