Apomorphine pens

Hi folk of the forum!
I have just been given my first Appo go pens and I have been disappointed by how well they work for me. I do not seem to be getting the rapid response to the injections that had been described prior to starting on them.
I admit its early days and things may change as my dosage is increased but I wondered what other peoples experiences of apomorphine have been? It has been suggested that a pump might be better, any views on this?

Hi have tried both pump & injections. Just didn't get on with the pump, didn't come to terms with the indwelling needle, albeit only a tiny drawing pin sized thing.It worked ok but the pyscologicals beat me. The injection was far better, first thing a five click shot had me up & about in 10 mins or so & as a boost during the day was super. Nodules at the sites were a problem but with care they could be minimized.Recommended, but alas I had a reaction on Apo-Go. it gave me an aneamic reaction so that was the end of that.Give it a go!!!!

Hi Christopher
Thanks for your response. A few days in now and having upped the dosage slightly it's having more of an effect although still not as rapid as I thought it might be. I will definitely persevere with it. Sorry to hear you have had to come off it, hope you find something else that helps.

Hello Mrtoad,

Vivian here, My husband was on apo for fifteen years first staring with the old grasby syringe driver then onto the small apo pump and then penjects, he was lucky it worked very well for him. In the early days I had to draw up the medication which was okay but you had to take such a lot of things wherever you went in case it needed changing ie because he moves a lot he would get a small amount of blood in the line and I had to change the line. Thank heavens it is much improved now and really simple he was eventually on it for 24hours all the time, he would not have been able to have the life he did without apo but after fifteen years he had to come off it. He was on 4.5 of apo and 4.5 of saline for most of the time, the nodules can be helped my massaging the area, but because he was on it for such a long time we managed to get an ultra sound kit from the Physio which I used twice a day.
I hope that helps and please give it a go, if you feel sick they should give you donperidome, I think thats how its spelt? Now my husband is in a home I need to make a list of all the medical terms and medication as I forget now I am not involved every day.
Best wishes
ps my husband has had PD for thirty years now and is still only 68-almost 69 years old.

Thank you Vivian.

It's good to hear other peoples' experiences. I had no idea apomorphine had been around for so long.
I spoke to the nurse today and she was encouraging me to persevere for the next couple of weeks to see how things go but I think it will be fine.
Have you had any experience of foreign travel with the kit? We are off to Turkey soon and liquids, sharp objects and planes dont really go!
Thanks again, Mrtoad