Does anyone have experience of Apomorphine via infusion pump? I'm getting mine next week but would like to know if anyone experienced impulse control issues or sleepiness?

hi aj, i am on the pen at the moment it does make me yawn after i have used it, but other than that i have no probs but then i only use it as and when i need it, its brilliant hope it goes well with the pump, sue.
Thanks, I am hoping it will make a change as I'm just all over the show at present. Hope that the apo will even me out, but Ropin and I weren't exactly great mates so am a bit worried about it. Thanks for your help. AJ
Hi AJ. Are you on the pump yet? If so how goes it.I went on the pump some 6/12 ago & found it v easy to use only taking mins to set up & the little button infusion needle a roaring success. I am now off it'cos I felt my dosage too low but could have adjusted,but mainly couldn't come to terms with an indwelling needle which actually never popped out but I was constantly aware of it all the time, esp when golfing. I now rely on the pen which I can control easier. Also on the pump I had many nodules & a skin reaction which I do not get with pen. Very disappointing