Are my feelings normal or am I being selfish?

Hi. I don’t contribute much but if there is anything I am sure about is that no two parkinsons disease sufferers will have the same problems. That goes for the carers also. I have been diagnosed about 5 years but I was aware that I had a problem for at least two years before.
My wife is my carer for the whole time and it is very hard for her. She has seen her strong, protective and loving husband… .who was scared of nothing, change. In a few years to become totally dependent upon her. Something that we can never have envisaged when we were bringing up a family. Planning a happy retirememnt together .We are both 62,and we met at 16…My condition has been upgraded to parkinsons plus. That isn’t good news. I can barely walk and talk
I know it’s hard to be a carer, but it’s worse to be a sufferer and we all appreciate what you do for us .We love you, but we can’t do much more than that .You are as normal as the next person

You absolutely should have.
Thank you for doing so.
And no, you definitely are not being selfish.
We all have our problems and I cannot imaging what you are actually going through it sounds terrible.
At times, like this it is almost as bad being a caregiver as the person themselves.
Is there no one who can help for a few days while you go away to rest?

Hi, I’m new to the forum, my partner was diagnosed about 6 years ago, but as with most of PD sufferers , with hindsight there were earlier tell tale signs. I read Rosehip’s post from May and it echoes my feelings exactly! I’m 64 and my partner is 63, and he’s gone from being a vital, chatty, entertaining person to a quiet person who will watch TV or surf the web (is that still a thing?) and it is an effort to get any conversation. He tried to come out for a walk each day or to a shop, but between freezing and him just not feeling well in the moment it’s immensely frustrating and I’m desperately trying not to show my frustrations but it’s difficult. He’s understanding but he seems to have the ability to relax into his own world and I’m sorting everything else. There’s no easy answer to any of it and it’s very comforting to read that my feelings are common and not due to my extreme selfishness :woozy_face:. Someone mentioned problems on holiday which were possibly aggravated by the heat…. We’ve just experienced similar problems and it’s made me very reluctant to book another sunny holiday which we have always adored… just one more pleasure lost to Parkinson’s! Thanks for letting me rant. Xx