Auction: les miserables (london)


I hope this post is acceptable to the Forum. I need to act quickly or an excellent donation to PUK will be lost. Perhaps this idea could be repeated in the future, if successful?

My wife and I were planning a trip to London this weekend to celebrate her birthday. Unfortunately we are both too poorly to go, and as a result we have two spare tickets for Les Miserables in London's West End this Saturday night, 26th November. This is Alfie Boe's very last night in the show, and is sold out. These tickets are for Row P of the Stalls, seats 1 and 2, for which I paid the £140 full price.

This is how it will work:

We'll take bids for this pair of tickets (face value £70 each) either openly on this thread, or discreetly by direct PM to me. I'll keep this thread updated as to the current highest bid. The auction will close at exactly 7pm on Thursday 24th November, at which time the then current highest bidder will be declared the winner.

The winner will then make a one-off donation equal to their winning bid to Parkinson's UK, via the on-line donations facility within the Parkinson's UK website. The winner will then, confidentially, provide evidence that the donation has been made, e.g. by emailing a scan of a printed copy of the receipt, or details of the transaction number, etc.

Once this has been completed satisfactorily he/she will confidentially provide a delivery name and address, and contact number. The pair of tickets will then be despatched on Friday by special delivery (for which I will bear the cost), to arrive on Saturday morning.

Before becoming involved, all potential bidders must consider the viability of getting to London in time (after the tickets have arrived) for the 7.30pm start, and parking considerations, etc. They must also check that they are able to use the online donations facility within the Parkinson's UK website. The auction is ONLY for the two tickets, and for NO other associated costs, anticipated or otherwise.


I can only afford a tenner. I'll start the bidding at £5 for each!

To clarify:

1. The phrase "for each" has no meaning here, as it implies the availability of single tickets. There are just two adjacent tickets, being sold as a single lot.

2. There is a realistic reserve price. When this is reached I will post the fact.

3. I reserve the right to decline any bid or bidder without giving reason.

4. I reserve the right to terminate the auction at any time without giving reason.

5. Anyone considering disrupting the auction or creating problems should remember that the only loser can be Parkinson's UK. I have no financial interest in the event whatsoever.

Blimey! Lots of T's and C's........ok. I bid a £10 for the pair

Thank you for your bid. Unfortunately you have not reached the reserve price.

Please bear in mind that any actions or comments which may cause others not to take this seriously can only result in a loss of income to PUK.

That is a lot of money ROS. how do we know they are genuine.

I reserve the right to decline any bid or bidder without giving reason.

Guess I'm best to keep my money in my pocket in that case, or donate direct to Puk:grin:

i think it is a lovley thing ray is doing,and for folk out there who may not think this is geniuine.IT IS.ray has not got much time to donate these tickets ,please give him a chance to do so,after all the money IS bein donated to puk ,does it mater were the money comes from.ray if i was not ill my self i would jump at the chance ,i would love it,and nowingthe money was also goin to a good cause.good luck .x:smile:

Well said ali:grin:

Apologies, I didn't anticipate there being any doubt from within our community as to whether the tickets were genuine or not.

I must be some strange fraudster if I'm trying to pass off dud tickets through the forum, with all the profit going to PUK, who have my home address. And with me forking out for Special Delivery too!

Anyone needing reassurance can PM me. If they provide an email address I can forward the original emailed confirmation to me from Ticketmaster.


All bids placed by private messages will remain completely confidential.

Have a go, you could pick up a real bargain here.

Don't forget, it's Alfie's last performance!

Really Kyloe
I can't believe that you would use someone's generosity to make a sarcastic and hurtful comment!
If the forum is to thrive and continue offering support and care to all sufferers of PD it is vital that bitterness is curbed.

£25 .....that's the best I can do!

What will you do with the tickets if no-one bids enough to reach your reserve?

Can you get a refund maybe?

Once the winner has been declared, we will follow these instructions provided by the PUK fund raising lady:

I am to instruct the winners to make the appropriate donation online on the PUK website. They will receive an automated message confirming the donation and amount to Parkinson's UK. They should then forward this message to me, so that I know they have made the donation. I will then forward it to the good lady in Fund Raising, who will be expecting it.

Once I have the donation confirmation I need the winner must provide me with their full name, home address and contact number. These are needed so that the tickets can be promptly despatched on Friday, for delivery on Saturday morning.

The tickets will be despatched as soon as the delivery address provided to me by the winner has been confirmed by the moderation team to be the correct registered address held on file for that forum ID. This is necessary to ensure delivery is not being diverted to any third party organisation or ticket tout, that no further profit is being made on these tickets, and that those attending the show in London are the bona fide winners of this auction.




What a brilliant idea. Can we all get off our cynical pedestals and simply pat ROS on the back? Sadly I cannot go however, whilst on the subject of raising money for PUK, I held a very successful Ann Summers party and managed to raise £70 for PUK.
Ray, good luck, excellent initiative, sorry you were both poorly.
Now let's get bidding.

Sorry. unwanted repitition.



uh um ......its past 7pm ros