Bad day

My wife was diagnosed lat December and since then has not being doing too badly due to a nice holiday in the warm Cuban son, her new medication, a good exercise programme and regular massages.

Today though has been a bad day with the siffnrss and shaking returning.

She is going down with the flu like virus that seems to be affecting everyone and I was wondering whether the effects of this putting her at a low ebb was resulting in the PD symptoms getting worse.

Any thoughts?

often the pd symptoms are worse with illness, sometimes better.
usually returns to normal when it goes.
is she only on azilect still? the azilect only stage usually doesnt last that long (6 months? it varies a lot) as it doesnt add any new dopamine or dopamine like substance.
Cuba? the envy levels of the forum will be elivated somewhat.

In my experience, any virus makes me feel worse sometimes incredibly worse. I simply hole up, drug up and snuggle up. There is no shortcut to getting better but I do not stint on over-the-counter drugs at all.
Just recently, the last six months, I have been suffering from coming off HRT. Maybe suffering is understating it a bit: by GP said you're in for six months of hell, am now in month seven and suddenly, yep suddenly things have become much easier.
The problem is avoiding complete and overwhelming panic which can get in the way of recovery.
You must keep your grasp on perspective and reality although this sometimes proves to be impossible: this is when an understanding family kicks in.
Bad days always end. Cheesy though this may sound, with PD a new day is a new day. Good luck.

Hello Davech.
You must give your wife all the love and encouragement you possibly can. Without my wife's support I don't know what I would do. Probably just give up. Colds and flu do tend to make the PD seem worse so a few words of comfort now and then will help to lift her spirits. Meanwhile, it is vital to try to maintain an upbeat and optimistic outlook. Not easy I know but that is part of what being a carer is all about. Looking after the emotional health as well as the physical.