Bad timing?


Still avoiding drugs a year after diagnosis but may have to give in soon! Worried about difficult side effects.


I have a prescription for Requip XL plus domperidone for nausea.  One nurse told me to take this as a preventative thing, before the drug (says to take 15-30 mins before a meal)  The Parkinson's nurse said only take it if you feel sick which must mean taking them together, double drowsiness?  I don't want to feel sleepy all the time.


Seems to make more sense to take the anti-sickness, then eat breakfast, then take the Requip so I can enjoy my food.  Then again if you take the domperidone first, how do you know if you would have been sick without it?


Ho Soulmate, do you mind me asking why you delayed, I was recently diagnosed (4th December 2013) and was prescribed ropinerole and domperidone and so far have resisted taking them due to worries about the side-effects and my symptoms not being too major at the moment. 



Everyone's PD is different, of course. But I say, gimme the drugs. Keeping ability (to do whatever) is important, and if you lose it it's difficult to get it back. Of course, everyone reacts differently to the drugs, so it might be that Soulmate and Ninja would be worse off on meds than off them. All I can say is that they gave me back the ability to do many of the things I couldn't do.

We've all been brought up to delay gratification, that's the trouble. But I think jam today is well worth having!

Very best



Hi Soulmate

i found I only needed to take Domperidone (half an hour before the Ropinerole) for a short time - about 4 weeks until the system got used to the Ropinerole.  I knew Icould stop taking it because I didn't get nauseous just before the next tablet was due.  As soon as the shaking stops then you know what dose you need to maintain the symptoms.  When you do decide to start asking the drug I would recommend telling a couple of friends who see you every day and ask them to be honest with you about any changes they see in your behaviour.  It is a good way to keep tabs on things.  I do suffer from fatigue but have learnt to do difficult mental tasks in the morning when I am at my best and then easier things in the afternoon.  


You will soon get to be able to 'read' yourself and will know when to rest.  It is fa question of trying new things. My neuro suggested swimming as a way of building up stamina and relieving the fatigue but I haven't tried that yet.  Good luck.