Better in the morning


Apologies if this has been covered before. My Father is 83, has Parkinsons (and a replacement hip and bowel problems!) . He has Co-bendolpa quick release 4 times a day and 1 controlled release before bed. He is relatively good for about 2 hours in the morning after the first daily tablet then he shakes stiffens has difficulty swallowing about 10-11am. .After next tablet he has (usually) moderate shaking/symptoms  the rest of the day. Recently he took an extra CR at 9am (left over from when he didn't take before!) and to me was much improved for longer. he still shook & stiffened but at a later time and after another normal tablet he was free of shaking for a short time before reverting to normal symptoms. I would like him to do it again but he says they knock him about. Any suggestions?