Brain stimulation

Hi my mum is 68 and has been on tablets for around 8 yrs which are not working very well, she is considering the brain stimulation treatment but we are not sure what it entails and how big an ordeal it would be for her to have it so looking for people who have had it and see what they think of it is it worth while, what the experience was like for you

Please email it would be nice to chat to people with parkinsons

Regards Ann
Hi Jean,

I had DBS for my left sided PD tremor in January at Frenchay Hospital in Bristol. It is a massive decision to have to make and I spent a very long time balancing the pro's and con's. I am 49 years old and 9 years from diagnosis and tremor is my main symptom.

There was no need to worry at all, the team that look after me are fantastic, the operation went really well and last week, after an agonising 8 week wait, the neurostimulator was turned on. Within 2 minutes the tremor disappered completley and to describe the effects as life changing is a massive understatement. 6 days later I have had a minor technical hitch but I will pop back in next week and know that it will be instantly sorted and life will go back to where I was 9 years ago. It has improved my mood, my demeanor and my attitude, as well as my tremor, but not my typing !

Go for it is my advice.


Really pleased to here that it worked for you :smile:

Thanks for your reply its sounds really encouraging my mum is considering it now and going to speak to her doctor, my only worry is her age and will she recover from the operation with no complications

Many thanks Ann
Jean M,

I have sent you my e-mail address. Please feel free to contact me that way if you want to.


very interesting, but there must be more folks out there who can give us the wealth of their experience with the surgery. I too am at a cross roads in that I am 67, diag 7 years & the normal drugs are giving me side effects & a descision must be made soonish as to whether surgery or not. I have done my research & talked to a professional collegue who has had the op & am probably-if suitable of course- going to go ahead with it but would like to hear some first hand experiences.
Cheers Christopher