Buying a new bed

Got a homylink mattress for my gramother who have a parkinson, she had a very old mattress and kept saying she can’t sleep. We had a good look around, she likes medium to soft mattress. We decided on this mattress name homylink, because of 1 the price (OAP budget) , 2 the quality and 3 because it is part spring and part memory foam. The mattress was delivered in a sturdy cardboard box, vacuum packed in a plastic package. Very heavy to move but 2 of you can move it to upstairs. Be careful when you open it, it’s just explodes when you cut the plastic wrapping!! We left it for 72 hours to fully expand and she’s been using it now almost 2 weeks. She’s says she’s been having the best sleeps for a long time and not waking up throughout the night. The mattress is nice and thick, and it’s a medium soft mattress, it has a decent bounce to it. Would recommend, it’s exceptionally good value for the price.

Or maybe you could come and have a look with it. Homylink pocket sprung mattress

This summer, my husband and I also decided to change the mattress, because one morning we realized that each of us woke up at least 5 times a night, although there were no surrounding irritants (dogs, children, screaming, loud bangs, air, pillow ) The basic items that we installed for our future mattress was: memory foam, comfort foam, high-density base support foam

I conducted a survey among relatives, friends, I was looking for information on the Internet - crazy :slight_smile: After these actions, I chose 2 companies that are worthy of my and your attention -
LUCID and Zinus. The first company provides budget products, but quality does not suffer from this. But finally, I chose Zinus. Its mattress fully suited our requirements. I won’t rewrite all its characteristics, which you can find on their official website/ or in one of the reviews that I found and which helped me make a decision.

I just say that we are satisfied with the purchase and our problem has been resolved. Perhaps someone can also give a positive review of this mattress.

Memory foam mattresses are not the best decision, because they may be a cause of endless pain in neck and back, I got consultations from the specialists that firm mattresses are much more better than soft ones. Moreover, they are more durable, as a rule.

You can buy sheets that have a satin edge all the way round for about 12" for ease of getting in to bed and then a normal middle section. I have one going free if the person would just pay postage and packing. Sorry if such ads are not allowed.It’s a single sheet, hardly used.

I have Parkinson since 9 years and I suffered many problems with the ved until I decided to buy an electrically adjustable bed and a mattress with memory foam for about 800 euros. After that my insomnia reduced, I can sleep 4-5 hours per night where as before I could only sleep for about 2 hours.
I’d also like to add that it’s useful to have cotton or silk beedsheets that eases turning and sliding in bed

You need to buy a air pump mattress. your back pain will recover soon. you can choose you mattressbest air mattress pump
we are used to use foam based mattress which may give us trouble. you need to change mattress immediately to sleep comfortable…