C R B checks

can any tell if their group is having trouble due to C R B checks.All how trips out have been cancelled, meeting delayed or cancelled we have been let down by head office why have they taken so long to bring this in,they were told about this two years ago wills:frowning:
The requirement for CRB checks is universal throughout the U.K. if you work with, for or provide services to certain groups. These groups are children (under 18) and vulnerable adults. The requirement varies according to the country you work in within the U.K.
The old system said that if I wanted to work in a position that was covered by CRB checks I had to undergo a check in every job I applied for (an expensive proposition if I applied for a number of jobs) and there was no requirement for the employer to pay. The systems in the various countries of the U.K. did not communicate.
Now if I want to work in a position covered by the regulations I have to register myself with the authorities. An employer can then register an interest in me. The advantage is, if I misbehave from now on my employer will be told, something that did not happen before. Another advantage is that the systems in all of the countries within the U.K. now communicate
In most countries the new system is being phased in with new employees applying to the authorities and being checked immediately and existing employees applying over the next three years.
I don’t understand your problem on a number of fronts. Are you children or vulnerable adults under the Act? Why are existing staff not covered by the interim arrangements? You are correct that the regulations were made known more than two years ago so that this situation would not arise.
If you want furher infor please come back to me via the Forum.