Can't move my right leg

Hi all, I mentioned the other week or so about weakness in my left side.

Well this last week my right leg has really slowed down when "off" to hardly being able to move it I am actually dragging it... When I am "on" for about 2hrs out of 4 I can move about just fine... But it's a long time to be off.

I was previously able to walk ok on it just had a limp due to not lift my toes.

Is this a normal trait of PD? My PD Nurse I seen on Thursday doesn't think it's of great concern I actaully asked her does she think I have been misdiagnosed and she said "Shes been a PD nurse for 25 years and seen the Plus variants and on her clinical value of me it's just PD and not the Plus variant so to get that out my head."

I am finding it really hard to sleep due to not being able to turn over because my leg is ike a lump of wood and scared when I go out that when I go "off" i'll get stuck where I am.

Has any one progressed so quickly?

Also forgot to add that i have been started on rasalagine 1mg. 

Bump anyone? 

Hello Trev,
I know how frustrating it can be when no replies are forthcoming. I guess in your case it is really difficult to know how to reply.
As you have probably twigged there are so many different symptoms of PD and the route the condition takes is is multi-variable. When your PD nurse is talks about plus variants, I presume she means those that indicate Yes to the PD diagnosis. Perhaps others on the Forum may have the medical knowledge to offer some advice.
I’m not in any position to advise and can only suggest it might be worth seeing your Neurologist again ASAP.

Yeah my next neuro appointment isn't until back end of February so atm I feel I am under medicated atm and probs will be until then.

I next see my PD nurse December in 5 weeks time... I did ring her on Tuesday to see if they could increase my levodopa but she said that since 2 meds (rasalagine, anti depressant)  have been added she wants to avoid any major side effects as it would be easy to pinpoint which is causing it.

When I asked here if it could be a plus variant I meant MSA, PSP or CBD progresses quicker that's when she said it wasn't a plus kind just normal PD and it can progress differently in each patient.

But what's the worrying part for me is it's really effected my ability to walk... I can't do half or quarter what I could do less than 1 month ago as the walking issue has always been there but the last 2 weeks have frightened me as un medicated I am no good.

Guessing no one has had the ability to walk hasn't affected anyone on here that bad anywhere. 


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You’re right, PD progresses differently in just about everyone. You certainly don’t have any symptoms that could be caused by Parkinson’s Plus, that why your nurse keeps telling you to get that out of your head. All your symptoms fit with plain old PD, so fettling your medication should help. It’s  as simple (or as complicated) as that, but it takes time.