Cant relax

Hi I have had pd for 8years now im 46 years and my symptoms are getting unbearable . find it impossible to concentrate from about 1pm. making driving very hard. my arms go really tense making the muscle ion them really sore I also clench my fists so tight it hurts my wrists i seem to be pulling some really strange faces. THe meds I take from 1230 onwards don’t seem to be working at all. im really struggling to keep positive and feel I should really think about packing up driving but the I wont be able to work.

Hi Dp,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Things sound really tough at the moment for you but we wanted to let you know that our helpline are here to support you and offer advice with regards to medication and general day to day activities. All of their contact info can be found via this link and we wish you all the best.

Best Wishes
Tom A, Parkinson’s UK Moderator


Maybe u need to review your meds or poss try a counsellor/therapist and work out what u can do.

if your work manager/coworkers are understanding maybe you could move
to a 4 day week …

Its just it sounds like you are at atough time and something has to give . I don’t think u canbrass out PD… like we used to .