I am my husbands carer, he had Parkinsons for 10 years plus, the medication he is on really suits him, but seem to wear off quickly now, he has bad nights feeling restless, and has three sleeps during the day. I do find this site helpful, but was wondering if there are any other carers that get lonely.

would be nice to chat to other carers out there

Sue (twiggy)



Not been on for a while as we moved to Shropshire. my husband who has Parkinson had his first fall last week. only badly bruised.

trying to get some local help, but with just moving finding things difficult , we live in Welshampton, near ellesmere, shropshire, anyone else near by?



Hi Twiggy,

I'm really sorry to read that your husband had a fall and hurt himself. I hope he makes a speedy recovery from his bruises. Have you seen our information sheet on Falls and Parkinson's? It offers some possible reasons why some people with Parkinson's fall and contains some useful advice to reduce the risk of falling. 

Hopefully there are others forum members who live near you, but while you wait to find out you can always resort to your local Parkinson's group for support and to meet other carers and people with Parkinson's who are local to your new area. You can find your local advisers, Parkinson's nurses, Parkinson's groups and activities here:   

I hope you find that helpful!

Best wishes,

(Moderation team)



No one seems to get in touch with us since we moved, which I find upsetting, been in touch with local adviser and she does not responed back, the same with the groups. sent emails ect.

we have been referred to a new consultant by our doctor.

we live in the middle of the country, so things are hard for me too, as I am the only one that drives, and I dont like driving at night.

also our parkinsons magazine I need to change our address, how do I go about it please.

my husband had a x-ray after he fell and he has a fractor of the foot

hope you can help



Hi Twiggy,

I'm really sorry that your husband broke his foot as a result of his fall. I hope he's being looked after by your local health services and that he is feeling a bit better.

I fully understand how you would feel upset if you have not heard back from the sources of support you have contacted since you moved. This is rather odd and we will share this feedback internally to find out what might be happening. In the meantime, please do ring our helpline on 0808 800 0303 from between 9am and 7pm Monday to Friday and between 10am and 2pm on Saturday for information, support or simply for a chat. 

Please let our Supporter Services team know about your change of address on 020 7932 1344 or [email protected] so they can update your details and you can start receiving the magazine in your new home. 

Best wishes for you and your husband,

(Moderation team)


thank you, since I last wrote on here, are parkinsons support worker has been in touch.