CHange my displayName?


Is there a way for me to change my name on this forum? I feel I may be being too public… My profile lets me edit a lot of thing but not the name.



Hi planky - Best thing to do is phone the helpline shown at the top of each page, and ask the team because I don’t think you can once you have registered :thinking:

Ring tomorrow (Tuesday)when they are back in full working mode! - Sheila



I don’t hold up much hope in this respect!

Months ago I did all that was required of me, in advance, to access this new forum but I could not log in, ‘for love nor money’, as they say. Umpteen e mails to and from Admin. to no avail. I had to phone them during office hours to address the problem when I had told them I was at the hospital during those hours, every day for 101 days!! This was a time when I desperately needed the support and advice of forum members and was badly let down by PUK, IMO.

All they could suggest was me asking to reset my password. My inbox overflowed with the link to do this each time! Each time it failed.

I suggested that I change my user name to the original plus a number, such as benji7. Oh no, that wasn’t possible, even though this had been possible on other forums where a system update had made it impossible to sign in after a change over. The difficulty then was sorted very quickly once conatcting the Admin. of the site.

Somehow, No idea how, I eventually managed to get back in to the forum with the same user name and a new password.

I wish you good luck, planky but don’t hold your breath.


Hi @planky,

I hope all is well.

If you click on your profile picture at the top right hand corner of your screen and then click the ‘preferences’ icon, it will take you to your account. There’s an option to change your username there by click the pencil icon. I have attached a few images to assist you with this, however, please let me know if you’d like me to do this for you by sending me a private message with the name that you’d like to change it to.

profile pic

Best wishes,



I thought there was an option to do this as shown by you above, but on my screen I don’t have the pencil at the username so I would be unable to change my bank my e if I wanted to


Hi Bethankit,

That’s odd, I sent the same instructions to another member and they were able to change their username. Can you private message me the name that you’d like to use and I can change it for you on my end.

Best wishes,


Not sure how to PM I thought if I clicked on your icon and send message that was PM but I noticed a post that I thought I’d done as a PM. In FAQ it doesn’t show how to PM Perhaps I’m just missing something


Hi Reah -The same thing happened when I followed the instructions to change my username, the little pencil icon was not by the username so I couldn’t do it



Not surprised that the icon is not there for me either!!


Looks like the default position of the system is to not allow users to change their profile name


Hi Bethankit,

If you click on the icon picture of the person you’d like to private message, then you’ll see an option to message them. Please see the image below for further assistance.

I hope you find this useful.

Best wishes,


Well, by trial and error I may have found how to do it.

Top right hand corner of the screen there is a magnifying glass symbol, 3 horizontal lines and an orange circle with a letter in it, in my case a capital B. However, it is not a profile picture!! That confused me.

This may be what has been referred to as your username. In my case it’s not benji… just a capital B in an orange circle. Click on this and it gets you to where was suggested with screen prints of what to do by Admin. including the elusive pencil icon, **BUT only after you have first clicked the cog icon. Ignore the pennant and envelope icons, the cog icon is on the right hand side. BUT why couldn’t it have been made so much easier. Such a long winded kerfuffle to get anywhere on the forum now.

Admin. need to realise that many of us just jog along with using the internet and NEED specific instructions to resolve a problem and not more IT talk!!

I review applications for grants by researchers on plain English summaries via the RSN, for PUK. I won’t add more.:roll_eyes: