Chest pain


Does anyone else get tight chest pains around the front ribs.  Don't know if this is anything

to do with pd.


Hi Budsey,

It's important that you go see your GP as soon as possible since chest pain could be from a number of things.

Best wishes to you,
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I have same problem. Put it down to gallstones ?


Hi Zatopec,

I would also recommend that you're having chest pain you go see your GP as soon as possible as well - much better to confirm what it is instead of guessing!

Best wishes to you,
Digital Team


Hi sorry for very late response I am new to this forum and PD.  I expected to receive a email if I received any post.


Thank you Alethea for your reply -  have since discovered I have a sensitive Esophagus causing the pain which could be anxiety related. 


Have another question,  does anyone suffer from very heavy head could this be med related.  Have seen 2 doctors and they seem to think it could also be due to anxiety.




Hi Budsey,

Headaches can occasionally be caused by medication used to treat Parkinson's. Please remember that you can speak to one of the Parkinson's nurses on our Helpline, who will be able to talk with you about your medication and symptoms. Call free on 0808 800 0303, Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm, Saturday: 10am-2pm.

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