Parkinsons was diagnosed about seven years ago, and it has been under reasonable control using Sinemet Plus at what is now a fairly high dose.(3.5 tablets every four hours, starting at 06:00. finishing 18:00.
Over night I have 2 Sinemet CR (50mg+200BMS) and 2 Quetiapine tablets.

I have just recently been prescribed Citalpram to ease my symptom's of anxiety, which has been getting me down.

I am alarmed at the dose prescribed by my GP; two 20mg tablets per day. I have been taking them for about two months and I seem to be getting worse.

Any comments anybody?

I was started on 20mg of Citalopram per day, and am currently on 30mg. The intention is to take me up to 40mg per day, which I've been told is the maximum.

I'm also told that you shouldn't take it together with Azilect.

i am taking 60mg of citalopram i have good days and bad days started on 10mg and worked up
under a lot of pressure with work and an employment tribunal coming up doesnt help
cheers daz