Clear Datscan

Hi,I have just received a call from my PD nurse to book my apomorphine challenge which is booked for 21st Dec,she also told me that my neurologist said to tell me that my DatScan was clear!!!!! now really confused did not expect that,she could not tell me any more except he still wants me to do the drug challenge?????

Has anyone else experienced this or know of anyone that has?


hi denise, having a clear scan just rules out no other things that could be causing the symptoms or at least thats what i was told when i had mine. i have also had the apo challenge last year i am a bit confused how long have you had pd because you normally have a scan in the early stages and the apo challenge when things have progressed not or so i thought in the early stages, i have had pd 8 and a half yrs and things have dipped in the last two i was so knocked off that the pd nurse said i was a prime candidate for the apo-pen which is absolutley brilliant especially because i am still at work, i hope the challenge goes ok good luck sue.

Once again I am sorry to butt in. An MRI scan rules out other possible causes of Parkinson. This is usually the first scan to be done. The DaT scan is the best available diagnostic tool for pd. It is not 100% effective and can , like almost all medical investigations, give false positives and false negatives.
It does seem vey odd though that with a "clear" DaT scan, you are being asked to do an apomorphine challange. Might it be the case that the neurologist is thinking if the apo works, then you do have pd?
I would,in your position Denise 1964 get in touch with your neurologist and ask him/her for an explanation. They might seem to us to be Godlike,but they are not. You deserve an explanation

Hi Lilly,

I was only diagnosed on 18th Nov,have been through various MRI as the initial thought was a brain tumour or aneurysm well that is what my GP thought,thankfully it neurologist was sure it was PD when he first saw me,I agree very strange to be having the apo challenge so early,considering that I am currently on no medication.When I questioned my PD nurse she was very vague and said we can talk it through on Weds.My neuro has also asked for a second opinion !!!.Think my GP is right when she says I am complex.

Will update after apo challenge on weds,thank you for your comments


Hi Annebernadette,

Yes it does seem strange haveing the apo test with a clear scan when I queried it with my PD nurse she was very vague and just said that it was what my neurologist wanted,she did add that we could talk it through on Weds...........not sure if the way of thinking is because of my age (47) and the rapid onset of my symptoms...first saw GP on 16th Sept with left hand weakness and falls backwards and now am very unsteady on my feet,have severe weakness on both sides,loss of ability to write and various other annoying symptoms.........not on any medication at the moment,so sadly I am hoping the apo challenge helps and they will medicate me


Hi Denise1964, I'm in agreement with Lili, I'm using the apo pen alongside my stalevo and sinemet cr, but Ive had pd for 11 years now. I thought that the pen was only offered when one was experiencing a lot of off times. I would certainly ask about it, the apomorphine is a serious drug and you need to be very sure that it's being monitered well. It has been really good for me but I hate having to inject myself and I'm bruising very badly, I need to see my PD nurse again after Christmas because of this. I would certainly question why they want to give you the apo pen before you begin to use it. There are lots of other ways of managing your symptoms than injections at this stage in your condition.


Hi all,just an update the apo challenge has been cancelled:frowning:,they are concerned as datscan was clear so they want the second opinion first,which would be great if they had me on some sort of medication in the mean time.

Really fed up with not being mobile or being able to function properly.

Moan overwith.

Denise 1964

Just an update going for a second brain mri tomorrow,not sure what to think but hopeful about being nearer a final diagnosis
Denise 1964