Hi there, I was diagnosed in June and meds are helping the tremors but I am also clenching my hand and toes on the same side. It’s quite painful and meds don’t seem to help. My consultant says I’m his only patient that does this so wondered if anyone else experienced the same and any advice if they do? Ok

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When i’m walking holding my wife’s hand she often has to tell me to let go as i’m hurting her, as my grip gets tighter and tighter and i find i’m clenching my toes when standing and walking but i put that down to my boby compensating for my bad balence.

I’m 11 years post dx and I remember that clenching, mainly hands and toes, was a symptom I had about a year prior to dx. Sinemet improved this greatly but I can’t remember if the low dose worked or if it was after my dose was increased that I noticed improvement. Maybe a slightly higher dose would work? Now, clenching is a wearing off symptom for me but not nearly as bad as it was before medication.

Hi I do exactly the same with my wife - we called it jokingly “the claw”. But it constantly clenches no matter what I’m doing now and wondering if it is PD or something else