Coffee as an aid

Thanks for that,will look it up. Bad day today - went to my Parkinson Gym Class yesterday and pushed myself too far !!! Feel as though I have run a marathon. Really enjoy these classes. Every time a new person joins us they are surprised by how much we all love these classes and how close we have all become. There was a new gentleman started he couldn’t believe how we push ourselves and how good it is to be in a group where we all have similar symptoms and NO ONE stares you !!!

Take good care of your self and best wishes to your Dad

I hope that you are feeling better. Dad got out of hospital and we are now working out a system to try to make things as easy as possible between meds/peg feeds etc. Tricky but at least we are getting the chance to work things out.
Exercise makes everything better (as long as you don’t over do it). Take care

Hi, just wondering how things are with you and your Dad.

Things have been a bit hectic just recently - I looked after my 5 yr old granddaughter for the day - phew, it was lovely but my oh my did I suffer the next day. I wouldn’t have been able to do this a few months ago when I went through a particularly bad patch.

I have increased my coffee level and have to say, proper coffee does give me a buzz. I still only take it with Soya Milk. The only trouble is with ‘proper’ coffee as opposed to decaf in a jar, I do spend a penny more often, but can truthfully say my tremors are still quite mild - I have the odd session which usually happens if I am stressed but, on the whole they don’t bother me.

I see a specialist physio in May and hope they can help my muscle spasms.

Just wanted to tell you this brilliant piece of news. My grandson was driving home late at night when he saw a chap climbing on a bridge - he wound his window down and told the man to be careful as he might fall in the water below. He then saw the chap had laid out is wallet, cigarettes, care keys and an envelope. He switched his engine off and got out the car, the man told him his girl friend had stopped him seeing his children. That he had nothing to live for. My grandson kept him talking and edged nearer and nearer to him. He was getting more agitated and suddenly made to jump - my grandson just managed to grab him and they both fell back onto the path. He took him to his home and the chaps Nan opened the door, shouted at the man for being so late - my grandson told her what had happened - she hit the chap across the face, swore at him and slammed the door without a word to my grandson!!! As you can imagine we are all very proud of my grandson.

I do hope you are keeping well. Do look after yourself. Take Care

Hi Eve1

What an amazing story. No wonder you’re all proud.

It has been extremely busy over the last few weeks. Dad was discharged from hospital and we have been adjusting to things at home. He gets angry at the process re feeding etc through the tube mainly due to the fact that it’s not his choice but we are experimenting to try to get it til he feels like it’s less annoying. I have now got meds etc sorted to the point that a lot of issues/pain seem to have disappeared. His mouth has stayed better as we are so strict with the hygiene. Dad now does more himself between my turns, which helps.
He is gradually putting some weight back on. We have a Parkinsons appointment today.

I been getting him out as much as possible, getting his new dentures sorted to help his speech. He has had lots of visitors, which is brilliant but tiring. We made a deal when he was in hospital that if he got well enough to get home, I had to help him get back on a horse. He has now had his 5th session.

As mum had been ill before he got home from holiday, we had a 6 week assessment care thing, which dad hates. They were originally coming in x4 a day, but it was changed before he got home as they aren’t allowed to do food/meds by peg tube, which makes them less useful. Dad is now feeling well enough that he keeps getting himself ready before they arrive at night so I have a feeling that it will rapidly stop, but at least it gives him impetus to get sorted.
His coffee being regular has really helped. As you say, it does make him pee more especially as water flushes are important. I get round it a little by making the coffee stronger but in smaller amounts.

Good luck and I hope things keep ticking over well for you