Coffee as an aid


Thanks for that,will look it up. Bad day today - went to my Parkinson Gym Class yesterday and pushed myself too far !!! Feel as though I have run a marathon. Really enjoy these classes. Every time a new person joins us they are surprised by how much we all love these classes and how close we have all become. There was a new gentleman started he couldn’t believe how we push ourselves and how good it is to be in a group where we all have similar symptoms and NO ONE stares you !!!

Take good care of your self and best wishes to your Dad


I hope that you are feeling better. Dad got out of hospital and we are now working out a system to try to make things as easy as possible between meds/peg feeds etc. Tricky but at least we are getting the chance to work things out.
Exercise makes everything better (as long as you don’t over do it). Take care