Cognitive behavioural therapy

Hello just wondering if anyone has had cognitive behavioural therapy for anxiety and panic attacks in PD? My consultant said it s not effective for PWP. Any comments or experience gratefully received.
Thanks samdog

Hi Samdog. I was referred to a memory clinic after I expressed concern (dementia?)about my memory and cognitive difficulties. I was thoroughly assessed over about a year and the diagnosis was; no dementia or brain tumour apparent at the moment, but some cognitive impairment, probably due to Parkinsons (and/or Tinnitus?). Can't do much about the impairment itself but CBT might help me to manage it.
I was duly discharged from the memory clinic in order that my GP could refer me to CBT. (Oh, the vagiaries of the NHS!) This was done but after a few sessions the practitioner decided she didn't have the skills to help me as the main problem was the Parkinson's (Yes, that's the reason she gave!!) so referred me back to the GP with a recommendation I be referred back to the memory clinic which runs a group on how to manage anxiety!! :rolling_eyes: Luckily my GP is good snd he is going to see what else there might be. I still don't know the real reason I was deemed 'inappropriate' for the CBT which I still feel that, managed in an adult way, could have been very helpful. Perhaps it could be that I asked if we could work through a little work book called 'Coping with long term illness (A CBT approach for adherance and depression)'. Its part of the series 'Treatments that work' (pub. OUP)and I found the bits I did quite helpful, but you really need someone to go through it with you. Good Luck! Chrissie :wink:

Thank you chrissiew - all sounds rather confusing! I may look into it but am trying to distract myself from getting over anxious although I must admit it s not easy and have had to make myself do things , driving for example which I do now feel more confident about. It s like someone sitting on my shoulder saying 'you can t do that' or 'do you know what might happen if you do that'.

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Hi samdog,
Sorry to confuse you. I was still rreeling from the injustice of being thrown off a programme that might have helped for reasons I didn't understand. Basically I was saying; try it. If you can get CBT with the right person then go for it, but if it doesn't work don't blame yourself and don't be afraid to try something else.

ok thanks very much for that advice

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Having just completed 6 sessions of CBT I have been shown the tools to try to deal with anxiety. These are breathing exercises and mindfulness ie living in the moment. It s very interesting and requires time and dedication but has allowed me to look at the situation differently and feel I have some control over my hyper anxious mind. If you can be referred I recommend it, preferably one to one.

BW Samdog