Coming to terms

Hello Pablo from exotic Sunderland. Your post was absolutely fine if you are happy with it and I am glad to hear you have support at home and it is good you are talking about it. You are very newly diagnosed, probably still taking it in and don’t
seem to be asking anything specific just now which is fine. If you want to and only if you want to, may I suggest you read through a few of the replies to others who were newly diagnosed and posted their stories here. You will quickly discover common themes like take it one day at a time, be aware of information overload and so on which you might find helpful and the Parkinson’s UK website has good information for people newly diagnosed if you want to take a look but you don’t have to read everything all at once, be choosy about what you want to know. Welcome to the forum I hope you find it useful.

Hi @Pablo and welcome to the Forum, there’s nothing wrong with where you come from as everyone has to come from somewhere !! LOL It is always good to talk especially on here, you’re probably best to ask a question on here to get the answers from the people who regularly frequent like @Tot and many others. The thing to remember is that everyone has a different strain if you like but the thing to take on board is that you have Parkinsons, it doesn’t have you !! Don’t change a thing about your lifestyle as you will get to know your limits over time. This is a friendly Forum and we’re all here to help one another in our own little way. Stay safe.