Comments remarks what ever else about everybody hurts thread. *Removed by author's request*

With my hurt thread please place all comments remarks objections here. If any pos or neg comments about my post i don't mind but if anyone else posts something please take their feelings into account. If you don't think it's apt see moderators i have got it out now

JP I need to get back to you in more detail from home but for now wanted to say how proud I am of you that you felt able to share this openly. Joanie

Hey J of A and thank you so much. Seemed comfortable for me to do it here and after what TH mentioned it seemed right time. at first when I wrote it i was fine then thought i made a mistake as i thought about it more through morning. ne of the few times reacting off he bat was a good thingg. i think even though so long ago it is still fresh and as daft as it sounds for some one of my years it felt like i would forget her if not had the pain but know that not to be case.

Must check with you to J of A. Brown leather antique effect jacket, purple tie dyed t'shirt. This may even be it's own thread.


Hello friend, I don't want to hijack this so will say little about my reasoning. Just know that last year I opened up about guilt I felt surrounding my Mother's death. I will chat with you about it someday but for now, Amen that you let this out of your system. Mmmm desperately trying to envisage that ensemble ;-)

Hi Joanie, that would never even be considered.  I would only be honoured that you feel able to discuss it. My ears are always big, open and ready.

JP ensemble = trendy, class, suave, elegant, were, your, eyes, closed.

hello friends,

                    Going to take a little break as need to work through a few things. I'm glad i wrote about my Mum and was hoping that would be it but inside knew there was issues that have to be worked through. I have opened the door but feeling  it close again and don't want it to. I haven't been to her grave in over 6 years how bad is that but have decided to go Monday with my wife.

i just don't feel quite in sync with myself and feel if I don't sort this out now I will always find a reason not to and though there will always be a touch of sadness I have to let my Mum back in. I will see you all soon as you are great friends and could never not annoy you all.

JP out for a wee bit.


Hello all and lol i'm like this off here chopping and changing causing drama around myself. i like calling on here so going to carry on. wedged the door open and working through it.`Enough from me unless asked.


Would like to advise anyone out there that things can be hidden, buried, ignored or denied but will never disappear. 25 years i tried but it never went. They may bring pain, sadness and hurt when you think of them and nothing will ever change what has happened but you can live with them. i once read a qoute "The best way out is always Through".