Could somebody please advise? Is it worth my while to write a letter of complaint to a neurologist? Yesterday I received a copy of a letter sent from neuro 2 to neuro 1. It contained no mention of my concerns (shopping, swollen ankles, sickness). It referred to me as "slight" I was not weighed. The main gist of the letter seemed to be that it was up to me if I could cope with the differing opinions of neuro 1 & 2.
Or would I be shooting myself in the foot? It took over 2 years to be seen by No 2

I would write the letter, AB - but I would keep it factual and polite. There always has to be some follow-up to a written complaint and, in any case, there doesn't seem to be a lot to lose if your past experience of consultants is anything to go by.

Good luck!

thank you so much lily. I have decided to voice my concerns via my GP. I am aware that on paper I can come across as somewhat acerbic ,without meaning to. My GP knows me quite well, he can decide whether or not I have a legitimate complaint & whether it is a good idea to make it known (also he can take any blame, he gets paid enough!)

Hi AB does the hospital where your neuros work have a Patient Liaison Officer. They are usually very helpful and know the way to carry a complaint through.

Dear pebble - 2 different neuros, ,2 different hospitals, 2 different countries. I have duel citizenship. i am so sorry if this sounds terse. I am in pain

A duel? Between whom?

Swords, or pistols at dawn?


Hi Annebernadette,
I feel it is always good to get things off your chest.In order to move forward without harbouring resentments.I too have just found out upsetting revelations about my recent Gall bladder removal op which has left me quite angry and alarmed.Like yourself ,i will be looking for an explanation.I would make sure that as a patient you are treated with the dignity you deserve.That is what i am now going to do.
I hope this helps in some way
Take care

Pebble has a good point AB. I had a serious complaint once. It was dealt with quickly by PL and the response was excellent. I received an apology and was referred to the best consultant I could have hoped for to resolve the problem and given special treatment by the hospital concerned. It pays to complain.

If you are unhappy you should certainly follow it up.
Remain measured but firm.
2 years ago I asked for all my medical file to be copied. It is fat.
It took some reading, but I do feel much more in control now I know the detailed content of all correspondence about ME.

Good luck.


The squeaky wheel always gets the grease

Dont know if that helps much.

I always write the complaints in my house, they are then tempered down by my good lady and then despatched.

hi AB
what outcome do you want and what is the most likely way of that happening?
write an annoyed letter then crumple it up and bin it! its what you can get out of your neuros that counts
turnip machiavelli (all the way from seednee)

I think Turnip nails it on the head: what do you want to achieve with this letter of complaint. I think this applies to all complaints, it is the outcome that's most important. So make your wishes known rather than any accusations, moans,etc. Show disappointment/hurt if appropriate. They are in a service industry as I see it, you are the customer.

a couple of relevant quotes

To understand the nature of the patient one must be a neurologist and to understand the nature of the neurologist, one must be of the patients.

Neurologists are far more dangerous than other elements within society.

from the Neurologist by Niccolo Machiavelli

i think the first particularly relevant - understanding the neuro's motivation, and working with it to achieve the desired outcome. ie is it possible the letter is mainly aimed at mollifying neuro 1 whose ego needs a good rub?

that came out a bit pompous- meant to be mostly funny. typing in the dark on a notebook with rest of family snoring in same room.difficult to get the tone right.

thank you both turnip & Kate (sorry turnip, I just cannot bring myself to give you a capital T!)
You are quite correct. I do not need to complain. I just need to ask for clarification. I have to admit though that a lot of my concern was fear of being "struck off"
To think, I nearly became an ologist!

i prefer to be an improper noun. hoho.

Yes AB. Clarification is what you need. Just what I asked for when approaching o/h's new neuro. Far from being annoyed, he praised my efforts to enlighten myself re data and seemed pleased that I valued his opinion, having researched him.