Confusion about living situation

Hello, I’m new to the forum but have been reading threads over the last few years which have been most helpful (so thank you).

My dad has Parkinson’s and was diagnosed about 13 years ago. Over the past few years he has severly deteriorated. There are many issues that I’m worried about but the main one that’s puzzling me is how he is viewing the world around him.

He lives at home with some home help support - not as much as is needed in my opinion - but goes through periods where he seems to think he lives in a care home or is in hospital. Sometimes I think he realizes what he is saying and gets very defensive if I ask him what he means for example. For example, today he asked who paid the bills in the home and got very annoyed when I explained that he did because it was his house.

There have been other similar examples and gets quite confused with times, dates etc.

Is this something that is common in Parkinson’s?

Thanks in advance

Hi Lwright713,

So sorry to learn of your father’s situation. I feel confident that you’ll find comfort and advice amongst your fellow members here in the community.

We have a page dedicated to supporting friends and family, which can be found here,

Cognitive issues are associated with Parkinsons. More information can be found here:

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Hi. I think this is a little more than the usual cognitive issues in PD and, sad to say, more like PD dementia or Lewy Body Dementia. My mother in law too amongst other things thought she lived in a care home though it was her own home. When challenged about it and pointing out her paintings on the walls she replied “I’ll grant it’s a fair copy”! Her delusions (and hallucinations) rapidly got worse and she was unsafe alone so I suggest you let his GP (or consultant) know about this development.