Although I feel my husband is doing reasonably well, six years in, lately he's become confused over small things, like what day of the week it is, and what we're supposed to be doing.

Last night was worrying:   he fell asleep in his chair around 7 p.m., and after I woke him for his 8 p.m. meds, he went and got undressed for bed, thinking it was much later than it was, despite still being daylight.   He seemed totally confused, and put it down to waking from a really deep sleep.

My worry of course is whether these are early signs of dementia, or is it just confusion caused by the meds - any thoughts anyone please?


Hi budgies

I'm 5 years into diagnosis, and I must admit that I can get confused at times. I sometimes have trouble trying to explain something I am trying to talk about. I think your husband may have got confused in this instance with being woken as you said from a deep sleep, all you can do is keep an eye on him and if he gets worse give your parkinsons nurse a call for some advice. I don't know how old your hubby is, I am 63 and retired, so whether it is a combination of the meds (I take 14mg of ropinirole) or whether I don't have enough to keep my mind occupied. Perhaps you could call the helpline at the top of the page for advice also.

Regards Sheffy



I am 5 years in (age 69).  I am forgetful, but at my age, that is not unexpected.  It may be a little early to be concerned about dementia.  The bedtime confusion may indeed be the result of waking from a deep sleep.  As they say, if you hear hoof beats, think horses not zebras. 

As for my own possibility of dementia, I tell my wife to judge me by the old test - it is not that I forgot where I put my keys: rather, it is I forgot what keys are used for.

Thank you Shefinn and wpg for your responses - I was beginning to think I wouldn't get any, so it was a relief you took the time to reply.

My husband is 71, and it's only recently that I've noticed this confusion.   It's so easy of course to immediately think dementia, but I shall try to bear in mind the "key test" wpg, which makes pretty good sense to me.

Like you Shefinn, my husband is on Requip (ropinirole) and takes 16mg daily, which he has done for several years now, with no problems.    He sees the neurologist early September, so we'll have to ask his advice then.

Meanwhile, thank you both for your reassurances.



No probs, it's nice to get some sort of response back budgie, be it helpful or not. It's a coincidence that your hubby is on the same meds as myself, it makes me wonder if that is part of the side effects, it's worth asking the Neuro when you see him. I'm waiting for an appointment to see mine, we'll have to compare notes however sees their neuro first! But there are so many side effects with a lot of the meds for parkinsons I would'nt know which one to go on if I have to change, I'm hoping to stay on the ropinirole XL slow release as I have had no side effects from them

All the best with hubby  - Sheffy

Yes, you're so right Sheffy - the worst thing about posting is getting no response whatsoever, which is what happened when I posted recently about the shingles vaccination my husband had been invited to have.  I just wanted to find out if anyone knew anything about the possible reaction if might have with PD and anyone else's experience, but not one person replied, which was so disheartening.   Fortunately I got the answers elsewhere, mainly on Facebook, where there are several very helpful groups and someone always has an answer, just in case you're interested.

Just to clarify, my husband is also on Madopar and Propanolol (for tremors), but he did very well on Ropinirole XL for a year before having to add to his medication.

I sincerely hope you continue to do well on yours.

Very best wishes.