I would like to hear from anyone else who has the same problems with their eyes.

I usually get Botox regularly but because I had a bad fall and my face was badly bruised I have been unable to get them.

I am hoping the last bit of bruising clears up soon.

Hi @babswood
I am constantly closing my eyes too. My wife will shout at me thinking I have fallen asleep.
Sometimes I have, however, 9 times out of 10 I have just closed my eyes. It seems more prevalent in the evening when we are watching TV. Having said that I do catch myself doing it during the day.
I am sorry to hear about your fall, how did it happen?
I stumble about a lot with my feet sort of stuttering and sticking to the floor, not completely freezing but haven’t fallen yet.

Have you mentioned this to your neurologist.?

I’m glad it’s not. Just. Me.!!!

My mum had this problem due to the Parkinson’s so last year had minor surgery on her eyelids to try and help her eyes open more. It seems to have helped, however temporary it may be.

Thanks so much for your replies. There actually does not appear to be many of us withthis problem.

Babs x x x

Hi babs,
I also have this problem,I think I replied to you before about this.My Parkinsons is now getting worse and so is the eyelid problem,they seem to be closed more often than open!!I have had eye drops etc from the dr but nothing seems to help much,I go to see the pdnurse nextcweek she has mentioned botox my daughter is always on at mebto get

Sorry sent too soon
On at me to get it I know if I lift my eyes up at the side this helps.
I hope you get your face sorted soon and get back To your botox ,you have certainly had a lot to deal with,
Cheers AnneD

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Thanks Anne
Yes I had brought this up before. I think I’m just looking for a majic cure ha ha.

I’m fed up most of the day feeling my way about.
Hopefully one day eh. I think this is worse than. The shakes and everything else.
I thank you for replying yet again. Take Care Anne

Hi again,Did you try eyedrops or anything else I also wish there was a cure,thanks Anne

I’m feeling so guilty because I have also had this problem with my mother. I’ve not noticed it too much until recently, and I’m ashamed of myself for asking her repeatedly if she was listening or had fallen asleep on me.
I’m going to tell her about this right now and remedy my behaviour immediately. Thanks to you all for point out the problem and all the helpful suggestions too.

Hi Anne no I’ve? Not. Tried eyedrops I’m seeing my Dr on Tuesday so will ask him. What were they called.?
Cheers for now x x x

Hi Dee

I hope your mum gets some help As the Botox really helps.

I get fed up with people saying are you tierd…?

I’m so glad my post? Has helped someone.

Babs x x x

Hi Babs, they are called hylo-tear and have also had one called visco tears eys gel both used for dry eyes ,dont know if they have helped much ,I find a hot cloth over my eyes has helped a bit,.
Did your gp arrange your botox or was it your Parkinson. Clinic,think I will,have to see about this soon.
Cheers Anne D.

Thanks Anne as I said? I. See my. Dr Tuesday will let you know. How I go. X x x it was my parkinson’s nurse who arranged the botox? X

I have the problem of eyelids closure, ataxia or Blepharospasm. I had drops which help a bit and BOTOX injections which have not worked so far . They will try a double dose next time. It is not the most troubling symptom but is embarrassing

I have had blepharospasm since 2002. Tried Botox once. No help at all. Some days I have to keep touching left brow/pushing it up to encourage them to open. Missed most of Black Panther when I tried going to the cinema for first time in years…having another go at knitting as it helps to keep fingers busy

Botulinum toxin in the management of blepharospasm: current evidence and recent developments Amy Hellman and Diego Torres-RussottoTher Adv Neurol Disord. 2015 Mar; 8(2): 82–91.

Blepharospasm is a focal dystonia characterized by involuntary closure of the eyelids

Blepharospasm often begins as excessive blinking, usually accompanied by feelings of dryness or irritation of the eyes

It is often exacerbated by bright lights, reading, and watching television. Like other dystonias, blepharospasm may be alleviated by sensory tricks including touching the eyes , the upper face, speaking, or even singing .

Sinemet Side Effects:

Tell your doctor if you experience unlikely but serious side effects including:

greatly increased eye blinking/twitching

uncontrolled muscle movements in your face (chewing, lip smacking, frowning, tongue movement, blinking or eye movement);

Nervous System/Psychiatric

extrapyramidal disorder -blepharospasm (which may be taken as an early sign of excess dosage)

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Luquin et al . reported dyskinesia in 168 of 220 PD patients receiving levodopa treatment

. One hundred and fifty-two patients had on dyskinesia, 31 patients had diphasic dyskinesia and 60 patients had off-period dyskinesia. Eighty-four patients had one type, 68 patients had two types, and 16 patients had three types of dyskinesia.

Most common types of dyskinesia were

chorea ( n = 113),

dystonic posturing of the limbs ( n = 63),

repetitive movement of the limbs ( n = 24),

craniocervical dystonia ( n = 15),

blepharospasm ( n = 6),

mixed movement disorders ( n = 9),

myoclonus ( n = 6), and tics ( n = 1).[4]

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Fourteen of 238 patients (5.9%) with facial dyskinesias had been prescribed a variety of antidepressants, antimania medications, antipsychotics, antihistamines, antiparkinsonian drugs, or a combination of these substances before their condition developed.

The onset of blepharospasm varied from 2 months to 35 years after, administration of the drug.

Three of seven patients who discontinued the presumed responsible drug had improvement in their facial dyskinesias.

Of the 11 patients who did not improve when their drugs were stopped or whose medication could not be stopped, all but one patient had a good response to treatment with botulinum toxin A.

Hi Anne saw my Dr today and got a dry eye gel. Also sent me over to my opticians to get my eyes checked was told all good but had to get new glasses. Still waiting for P D Nurse contacting me with date for my. Botox. Hoping that all good with you… Babs x x x

Hi Babswood
Glad you got something from g p ,hopefully you wont have to wait too long for botox…Anne xx

Hi there Anne29

The eye drops are helping my eyes as optician had stated that my eyes were dry.
They are not stopping them from closing go on the 19th of this month for my. Botox thank goodness. I have honestly felt like crying as they have been so bad.


This sounds like eye distonia see your consultant again.