In spite of adopting a high fibre diet and taking a fibre supplement, I am still suffering. Any advice?

Hi davage. I take a mild laxative every few days if I don’t go naturally !!! Xx

We were told many years ago, despite what it may seem to do, fibre is not the best solution. Neither are strong laxatives. Keep regular with a mild medication, such as Movicol and plenty of water.

I’ve been told that, because the levodopa is absorbed from the colon, if you have constipation, the levodopa may not get into the colon and may not be absorbed. Which means that dealing with the constipation is important.

Exercise, drinking lots of liquid (not tea and coffee) and eating fibre help. Shredded Wheat is good. I also have a few ready to eat prunes each day and a couple of medjool dates.

Chocolate and licorice also act as laxatives, and I binge occasionally. Careful about the sugar content, if you have diabetes though. I’m lucky in that, so far, my blood sugar level is well within the healthy range.

If none of the above work, I use a laxative.

All my life I have eaten healthily so when persistent constipation occurred, (before my PD diagnosis) I was baffled. Even more fibrous vegetables, cereals, fruit and water did not work. My parkinson’s nurse said to take a regular mild laxative daily as constipation can affect PD medication uptake. I don’t like taking yet more medication but it works for me.

Morning Daffy I am the same and my nurse told me the same, but I couldn’t take the sugar rush five times a day from that, but what I have started and seems to be helping me at the moment is prunes you can buy dry ones to just have a few as a snack, or you can buy it’s juice but I couldn’t drink that, or you can buy the piped ones from the shops and add to your daily breakfast. I hope this works for you if you try it too. ! This is what I have been buying or from the market as prices do differ . image|374x500

Have you heard of slippery elm? It is a natural bark extract which does what the name suggests! Coats and protects your bowel and totally safe.
Ps it is easier to take in capsules rather than powder

Dr Costantini’s high dose thiamine protocol helps constipation. Lots of information about it on the Health Unlocked site

Mannitol is an osmotic diuretic, which may have other benefits for some parkinson’s sufferers. A teaspoon in coffee should get you going.

I get laxido on prescription. It works well for me.