Laxatives, we were told, are a very harsh solution to this problem and should not be taken long term. Movicol is great and a gentle alternative to some of the methods mentioned.It is also a non prescription medication.

I’ve up’t my fluids (water) which seems to help along with fruit & 6 dried prunes - best of luck.
Aldi do a huge pack at a great price.


My PD nurse recommended I try ‘milled linseed’ (Aldi £1.60 per bag). It isn’t the most pleasant of textures, but it did exactly what my PD nurse said it would, without the use of more pills. Gentle on the system. It’s cheap and tolerable mixed with Porridge. One heaped table spoon per day. Worth a try…I shall continue using it.

My PD nurse is excellent and extremely dedicated. If it doesn’t work for others I’m sorry, but at least it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.