Consultants & Nurses in Norfolk

Good Morning All

I have been an avid reader on the forum for the past 3 years since my father was diagnosed, but this is my first post, so hopefully i have done it all right :-) 

I have been searching the internet but have struggled to find what i am looking for, so thought that you guys may be able to help me. I was wondering if any of you know of any good private Parkinson's consultants and private Parkinson's nurses in the Norfolk area.

Many Thanks

I don't know of any private consultants, or nurses, but I do know that the Parkinson's nurses at Benjamin Court, Cromer are excellent!  My last neurologist at the Norfolk & Norwich was Doctor Robert Adam - he was excellent, and I know he also did private consultations, but sadly he departed for a job in Australia. Thankfully, he referred me for my DBS surgery before he went!