Understanding coronavirus and Parkinson’s

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Updated: 29/05/2020

Following recent briefings from governments in devolved countries, and from the UK government, guidance for people in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland is to stay at home as much as possible.

Relaxed lockdown guidance is generally for people who are fit and well, with no underlying health conditions. For people who are clinically vulnerable, like people with Parkinson’s, it’s very important to stay at home as much as possible, and strictly follow distancing and hygiene guidelines if you do go out.

Reasons to leave home, and distancing

You should stay at home as much as possible. When you leave the house, for any reason, you should avoid busy spaces and keep a distance of around 2 metres (6 feet) from people you don’t live with. You should also continue to follow good hygiene practices, including hand-washing, not sharing crockery and cutlery, wiping down surfaces, and not entering other people’s homes.

Reasons you may leave your home include:

  • for work, where you cannot work from home
  • going to shops that are permitted to be open, staying 2m apart
  • to exercise or spend time outdoors, staying 2m apart (exercise in Scotland and Wales must be close to home)
  • to socialise outdoors, staying 2m apart (with no more than 6 people in England and Northern Ireland; 8 in Scotland, and only 1 household per day; and no more than 2 households in Wales)
  • to attend drive-through church services or churches for private prayer (Northern Ireland only)
  • any medical need, including to donate blood, avoid injury or illness, escape risk of harm, or provide care or help to a vulnerable person

If you have to be in an indoor space (like a shop or a bus), it’s best to wear a face covering. You can see how to make and wear a face covering here.

The government have made guides to staying at home. These include an easy read guide, and guidance in other languages. You can view guidance in British Sign Language here.

While you’re staying at home, it’s important to take extra care of your wellbeing and mental health. We’ve published an article on how to cope if you’re feeling isolated. And the charity, Mind, have put together some helpful guidance on wellbeing and coronavirus.

Shielding measures for people who are extremely vulnerable

Strict shielding measures for people in the UK who are classed as extremely vulnerable were introduced in March. These people are at very high risk of severe illness and hospital admission from coronavirus (COVID-19) because of an underlying health condition. Guidance on what puts someone at higher risk from coronavirus has also been published by the NHS.

If you have conditions or health issues, as well as Parkinson’s, that put you at extremely high risk, you will have received a letter or text message from the NHS advising you to shield yourself. If you received one, it’s important to continue to follow the shielding guidance. If you have questions or concerns, you can call your GP.

You can see the shielding measures listed in this link on the website.

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