Hi, I am a 73 year old man diagnosed some 3 years ago but it probably started a couple of years earlier.
I have started to produce excess saliva and constantly have to clear my throat and have a persistent cough. Does anybody else have a similar cough and any advise ?

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Sadly, coughing and saliva issues are not uncommon for people with Parkinson’s and there have been discussions on the forum about it, one of which you can find here: Coughing & excess saliva

Many people with Parkinson’s develop problems controlling their saliva, which can lead to drooling or dribbling. The medical term for this is sialorrhea. When you have Parkinson’s, the natural tendency to swallow slows down. We all swallow many times a day, but the slowing down of movement that people with Parkinson’s experience may reduce this. If you swallow less, saliva can pool in your mouth and, instead of you swallowing it, it can overflow from the corners of your mouth. We have more information and tips on how to manage this via our website here:

In some cases, improving your posture or the way you sit can help. Physiotherapy or occupational therapy may be beneficial. For example, an occupational therapist may be able to recommend a tilting chair that will help your head and neck stay upright.

Ultimately, I think you should speak to your GP or Parkinson’s nurse about the issues you’ve been experiencing so they can refer you to the therapists mentioned above or they may need to review your medication. We also have a free and confidential helpline with a team of advisers that would be happy to provide you with more support on this. Give us a call on 0808 800 0303 or email us at [email protected].

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I have been there and have gotten through it brianthebee, my cough started in 2016, just came on after a throat infection, so irritating it made me gag sometimes, anything would start it off, always had to have a glass of water by my side especially when eating, GP was not interested, went on until just recently now May 2020, and it has nearly disappeared - just like that ! Had speech therapy, but the cough interfered with that, had a camera up my nose but nothing was found at the ENT. Can’t help you but I hope you have a bit more luck than I had trying to sort it, I can’t believe my luck that mine is now settling, but I can’t tell you how or the reason why I am just so relieved it has gone! All the best - sheffy

My husband has the same problem of coughing and excess saliva. His Parkinson’s nurse recommended asking the gp for Scopoderm patches, which are normally for travel sickness but the mode of action is by reducing saliva production. They have definitely helped a lot though the skin behind his ears (where you put the patches) gets a bit sore.

My mum has exactly the same problem. I don’t know how to help. She caughes so strongly that I sometimes think she will not be able to breath. One doctor says she has a PD other two think she has a parkinsonism(PSP and or MA). I would be thankful if you could give me some advice.
Thank you in advance.
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We recommend seeing Reah’s response above and checking out the links to the sections on our website regarding excessive cough. You can also call our free and confidential helpline at 0808 800 0303 to speak with someone who can help.
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