Looking for advice please. My wife has to order her tablets monthly from the chemist from whom she has them delivered. The pharmacy then submits the requested prescription to the doctors who, if an article has been requested too early, will refuse to prescribe it. Her dates for her various medications vary throughout the month,some being due on the 2nd of the month, some being due on the 23rd etc. All she would like to do is have her medications on the same day of the month, and not have to order them individually each time. This whole process is driving her up the wall. When she asked her doctor if she could have a double dose of medication to see her safely over Christmas and New Year her doctor looked horrified and replied, in the manner of a Victorian headmaster, "We`re not allowed to do that". Any advice received will be welcome.

By the way,does anyone else get two monthly prescriptions over the holiday period?


Prescription Advice.

The above info. is still relevant.

The day for the new medication is rapidly approaching!

I should not see that being a problem , when we go on holiday we always get 2 month supply.i could see it being a problem if she was on morphine, have a word with your pd nurse !

Hi Cowboy 101,

                       Every time I order my medication I get 2 months supply.i dont ask for two months,thats the way its done here if you are on regular medication.I live in Scotland,perhaps its different here,sorry to hear you are having a problem with it hope you get it sorted out soon



No its no different in england apart from you can have a month or 2 months depending on strengh of meds,if my meds were running out on the 10th i would put a repeat in on the 1st or 2nd and get it.So i always have a little bit left over!. really cant understand your gp cowboy.put your foot down !

Hello Cowboy

I'd agree with everyone else. I have tablets in 33 days' supply and 28 days' supply, and I order them both together, on a day that suits me. i'm sure there are different practices around the country, but what you describe sounds very inflexible and I would gently challenge it. There may be reasons we don't know about for restricting your wife's supply, i suppose.


I AGREE !neutral

When i was working and paying for my prescriptions I asked my doctor if I could have my medication every two months to save on cost which he agreed.this has carried on in retirement

HI Cowboy

i have my repeat prescriptions every two months , i recentley went to see my neurologist who added some medications to what i was taking ,neuro always gives me a months supply but i always end up running out before my next prescription so i phone up and  ask my gp to give me a months supply to bring all my meds in line so there all due at the same time on repeat prescriptions cant understand why your gp wont do this , all  my prescriptions are automatically ordered by the pharmacy so i just inform the pharmacy of any new drugs

i would certainly question it with your gp , i always make sure my repeats are ready to collect at least a week before i run out my gp has never questioned my repeats going in a week early

I`m appalled at your treatment.  Our GP took care to get all our medications to be repeated at the same time.  We get 3 month`s at a time and never any problem getting them early for holidays etc.  It sounds as though your GP practice has its own rules.   I think your parkinsons nurse should help.

hi shelly65

your really starting to show some fighting spirit thats the way my love ! good on you, gus

I asked for two-monthly supplies on a permanent basis and was given them by my GP without fuss.  My GP also changed my tablets from generic co-beneldopa to Madopar immediately when I reported that I hadn't been feeling well on them.  When I mentioned this to my Neuro, she was angry that I had been given the generic tablets in the first place and wrote to my GP to make sure that I was always prescribed the brand Madopar in the future.

Stick to your guns, Cowboy 101 (is that a pun?).  Your wife has every right to demand the best treatment and it seems that she is not getting that at present.  Expecting her to mess about with two prescriptions a month is unreasonable in my opinion.  

By saying that he is not allowed to prescribe the two types of medication in one go, I believe your doctor is either a jobsworth or he is being economical with the truth.



Thankyou gus, ANNE29, Semele, silver spoon, shelly65, hatknitter, Lily, for your support. My Mrs is still trying to get somewhere with our local surgery, when she tried asking for the  Xmas and New Year tablets this morning she began to get a lecture from the receptionist, (something along the lines of "You can`t just ask for medicines any time", but then Mrs Cowboy101 just flipped her lid and was actually rude, which isn`t like her at all. She`s spoken to the Parkinson`s Nurse, who advised her to make a telephone appointment with the great man himself, which she`s done, but it`s not until Wednesday morning, so whether or not she gets anywhere remains to be seen. the Parkinson`s Nurse said that if she doesn`t get anywhere, she(the Parkinson`s Nurse), will ring him herself. Anyway, repeat Thanks to all, and I`ll let you know how things get on, or not. Cowboy101


Bringing everyone up to date! My wife had her telephone appointment with doctor this morning and it looks okay. He actually promised to let her have her medication in two month  batches and that he would allow greater lee way in between the ordering times for her medication, also, that he would issue an extra prescription to see her over Christmas and the New Year. So once again I thank everyone for their support and for the encouragement it has given Mrs Cowboy in reading your replies.