Cue 1 by Charco

Hi. I know this is not very scientific using a single day’s experience of the Cue1+ but two things
1 I slept better wearing it than I have for years. Eight hours instead of the usual 3 and
2 I have had a long day today and came home exhausted. As I walked across my kitchen I noticed out of the blue that my right are, which has not swung when I walked for the last 14 years was swinging without any effort from me.

I know its early days but I think it looks like it’s doing something at least.


Hello Drew1 … Delighted to hear about this excellent experience. What did you think when you woke up after 8 hours sleep?

I have watched a number of Cue1 videos on Youtube & the results are remarkable.
I wonder if there is a placebo effect as well. You think it will work so it does.

Best wishes

Hello Drew1
That is great news. I know there are a lot of ‘non believers’ around whether or not the Cue 1 actually works but for the short time I was able to use mine before my sensitivity to the adhesive became evident, people did notice a difference in me without knowing anything about the Cue1. The bottom line for me though is I don’t really care if it is a real difference or a placebo effect if it works for you, then it works - whatever the reason. I hope it continues to go well for you - perhaps you could let us know after a few weeks use.

Has anybody had success with the new cue1+


To be honest im sure there is a pkacebo effect but i cant deny the fact that an arm which has not swung spontaneously since at least 2012 is now doing so.

I will certainly update in a few weeks.

Hi everyone i have had my cue1+ for a week set at factory settings my tremor has improved 80% ime walking better as i write this i have no cue on and no tremor i also have less backache

Hi all
I have been using my cue1 for a week almost and certainly some things feel different. To be honest I’m not sure what is placebo and what is genuine effects of the Cue1. Anyway here goes.
1 Sleep has been on average better so what ever he’s done that is great. Maybe Cue1 or something else but I will take it whatever.
2 Right arm continues to swing spontaneously and that is after hanging around not swinging for 12 years. That has amazed me.
3 I was suffering a lot of off periods and these seem to be less than before. They have not gone but shorter and less debilitating.
4 Walking seem genuinely better regarding fatigue and speed. I walked 8011 steps today which for me is a lot and it’s now 22:50pm and I feel ok.
5 Now this is something. I was getting very bad backache when doing the least chores in the garden. Not had for the last week.

These benefits only occur when I take my medication. It is NOT a medication substitute. Having said that I have been referred to the local Advanced Therapies Team. I will see how things are in 10 days when I attend the clinic for my first assessment.

So I think there have been some improvements in my symptoms and be it placebo or physiological I will take that. I feel that people with Parkinson’s are vulnerable. I know I clutch at straws. But I said when I was waiting over a year for my device, if I get even a 5% improvement it is many well spent and I think that has been fulfilled.
One thing. The vibrations on my chest were REALLY annoying at first but persevere, they now no longer trouble me.
And finally. I can’t remember now what it is like to feel “normal”. A few years ago I had the most vivid dream ever. I dreamed about my long deceased mother. I awoke suddenly and on getting out of bed I was, I think, normal for two hours. It then subsided and I slipped back into the quagmire of Parkinson’s disease. I said then that I never wanted to feel like that again for 2 hours because the despondency I experienced was dreadful for a few days after. But 5% improvement I will take. If the improvement goes away I won’t despair but be grateful for the slight easing I have had.